Today we give you the second name on bitB Spins’ list of top coaches and high stakes beasts: Darkornot!

Home Today we give you the second name on bitB Spins’ list of top coaches and high stakes beasts: Darkornot!
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We promised to come back with more news about the Spin & Go storm which is about to unleash its rage! We also said that we will reveal to you three of the best Spin & Go beasts in the world and today we are ready to give you the second name on the list!

As always, we will leave numbers to speak for themselves: over €380,000 made on almost 80,000 games and more than 5,000 hours dedicated to poker! 

Dear beasts, today we bring in the spotlight our top coach, €100 and €250 Spin & Go player: Darkornot!

Saydana: Hello, coach and thank you for letting me enter your cave full of poker-magic potions. For those who don’t know too much about your poker background, can you please share with us a few things about your experience as a poker player? 

Darkornot: Hello, Saydana! I am more than happy to introduce myself. I am Pierre and I am known as “Darkornot” in the poker community. I have been playing poker for 10 years now. Since the beginning of 2016, I am playing this game professionally.
In France, we have this old saying: “a picture often speaks better than words” so here is my EV graph regarding the Spin & Go games that I have played so far:
I started on my own at the lowest stakes, I grew as a player, I developed as a coach and after 5,000 hours dedicated to poker during these two and a half years, I am still here to challenge the higher stakes and to share my knowledge with our students.


Saydana:  How do you embrace the fact of being one of the top bitB’s Spins coaches?  What does this status bring new to you?

Darkornot: Joining bitB Spins was for me a really big change and I did for the best of my poker career. Having the opportunity and the freedom to really create the exact content that can bring any dedicated student to the top is really the best thing you can expect as a coach. Doing this thing together with Stefan and Wolle83 is for sure the best possible way to go for it. I think the combos of our strengths can truly create something huge. Additionally, the bitB Spins team is so awesome, we are really on the same page.
Working in this context, I truly feel that it’s just a matter of time for bitB Spins to become one of the major places to be if you want to become a crusher of the Spin & Go format. Finally, as a player, being in contact with so many Spin & Go beasts is what you want for sure.
So yes, I am proud of being a part of this huge Spin & Go project. Actually, it is really something enjoyable.


Saydana: Which are the main leaks do you think poker players have and what plan do you have in order to help them solve these non-profitable leaks?

Darkornot: I have always had the feeling that being open-minded is one of the most important skills as a poker player. It can help you improve way faster than being stubborn. Even when you play with a really weak opponent who plays crazy fancy lines, I think there is something to learn from this situation. I built my experience by spending a part of my life at the tables and I think I learned a lot there from any kind of opponent. I think this is easy to miss if you just consider every weird line as a spazz. That’s definitely the kind of extra value that I will bring to our grinders.
At the higher stakes, where the edges get thinner and thinner, I think there is also an easy trap in the way that a lot of players choose to go more in-depth theory wise.
I struggled personally as well for quite a long time, going a bit in every direction. Lately, we started to create an easier strategy and a more practical way to remember strategy for our players that in my opinion, will make a huge difference in the near future. I haven’t seen anything close to our approach so far and I am really glad to be able to bring this approach to our higher stake players and not only random copy-pasted theories that everyone can access and which cover only a super small area of the game.


Saydana: I know that your side-job is being a family man. How do you manage to keep a good poker routine and to efficiently split your time between these two parts of you?

Darkornot: Nowadays, being a professional poker player needs true dedication so I can’t say that it’s always easy to reconcile family and poker. However, it’s possible. It took me some time to reach this decent balance and I keep trying to improve, but I think now it works great. It’s not like my kids come and “rake some father time”, but the opposite. It helps me to breathe and to shutdown from poker during these family times. The main issue is that I am not really setting time limits or off days like in a standard job…and since my family always has the priority, I just extract time everywhere else, removing most distractions.


Saydana: I think the following question will be very motivational for a good part of our players: which was the hardest moment in your poker career and how did you pass over it?

Darkornot: It’s tough to really describe this as an exact moment, but I would say that it was that period of time when I was playing the same style vs recreational players and vs regulars too. It took me some time to really split my approach and to introduce more and more theoretical answers vs best opponent. I think it was like this because I played this exploitive style forever. So, even though I was working at the theory on a daily basis, even though I was creating efficient content to effectively fight against advanced players, I was not using this knowledge in my own game.
Today I would say that there is still a lot to improve in my game vs regulars, but I am way more satisfied with what I can produce now. And again, I am the first concerned by the deep theoretical work we set up in this regard. That’s why I am dedicated to making it accessible to anyone who wants to perform vs regulars and I am also extremely optimistic about my future as a poker player.


Saydana: Thank you for your answers, coach! Also, do you have any final thoughts for those players who have passed or are about to cross our threshold?

Darkornot: I will make it simple: if you want to be in a structure that takes care of you, where you will have an easy path to improve together with true grinders who grow crossing the same steps you have in front of you, my opinion is that you shouldn’t even think about it, you are already welcomed!
If you find yourself at medium/high stakes and you are bored of having only solvers which help you improve most of the time on your own, maybe it’s time to jump in and let us show you what a dedicated team can achieve for you!


Stay tuned! Another bitB Spins beast is ready to reveal his face in the following interview!
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