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Today we have the honour to close our “Meet our coaches” series with our €1,000,000 star! We are more than proud to bring to your attention one of our top coaches and players and the lucky winner of the 1 million Jackpot: Fetedlabiere!

More than this, our coach continues to be a real crusher at the €100’s and €250 Spin & GO stakes. Almost €210,000 EV made on 33,283 games is an amazing achievement which recommends Fetedlabiere as a hardworking and talented poker player and coach:


Saydana: Welcome on bitB Spins’ stage, coach! It’s a pleasure having you here in the spotlight. For those players who don’t know too much about your past as a poker player can you please tell us a few things about you and your poker background?

Fetedlabiere:Hey, I’m Stefan, also known as Fetedlabiere. I’m playing poker professionally for a few years and I started my career by playing 6max, but I quickly switched to HU Cash. At that time I was already creating videos and offering coaching sessions for a big poker school. All in all, I have to say that I was playing up to NL1k, when in 2016 my poker-related friends told me how profitable Spin & Go’s are. Soon after this moment, I understood what a big opportunity this is and I started playing this poker format more frequently. I started slowly with the €10 Spin & Go’s and I committed myself fully to this type of poker game in June. At the end of 2017, I was already playing €100’s and I started to feel comfortable at this limit.

In 2017 I started my career as a Spin & Go coach and I had multiple projects on which I focused a lot on helping small groups of students to improve very quickly. Right now I’m mostly playing €250’s and only adding some €100’s if there is no traffic at the highest Spin & Go stakes.


Saydana: Why Spin & Go’s and in which way did this poker format manage to stir up in you the desire of becoming a coach and sharing your knowledge with others?
Fetedlabiere: In my opinion, Spin & Go is the best format for poker players because it gives you a lot of freedom. You can play whenever it is the best time for you. It also allows you to take frequent breaks and to manage your grinding time perfectly. Also, even though the variance seems high, I’d say that it is high in a positive way. Usually, if you are a hardworking player you will not lose too much money because most of the time you will run close to the EV and if you are lucky you can really win huge amounts of money. With our EV insurance, you can decrease the bad part of the variance even more. As I already mentioned, I was coaching already a few years back when I was playing HU Cash and I enjoyed it a lot back then. So it was natural for me that I also wanted to coach Spin and Go players and help them as much as I can.
Saydana: How do feel as being an important part of bitB Spins’ team and what do you want to bring new for our students?
Fetedlabiere: It feels awesome to be part of such a great team and I will help bitB Spins develop in a way that I feel is the best for our players. Knowing that I have Darkornot and Wolle83 by my side who also work very hard gives me a lot of hope for the future. I believe we will become the Spin & Go school most people will be thinking first when they will decide to search for a new school to improve. My personal area of responsibility in bitB Spins team is the simplification of complex strategies.
We are developing a Gameplan vs regs that will have a similar edge as the most complex strategies and therefore I am working hard for making this strategy to be easier to apply during the game. I will provide content for our students in an easier to digest format which will still contain tons of information. Furthermore, there are a lot of small things many other poker schools neglect and they are not creating the right environment for students to use their full potential, and this is where I see one of our biggest strengths.
We are committed to providing the necessary tools for our students so they can find the right ways to individually learn and reach all their goals. I really enjoy creating these learning tools for our students and I am always keeping in mind the newest research findings.

Saydana: Let’s talk a little bit about money motivation. I know that not so long ago you hit the Jackpot and won it. Did this thing change something in you as a poker player?

Fetedlabiere: It certainly changed my life a bit by giving me more freedom in my decisions, but in the end I’m still the same guy who enjoys poker and spends almost all his time on studying it. I’d say that money was never my main motivation. Of course, it is still important to be able to earn good money while playing poker, but which was and is more important for me is that I enjoy what I’m doing in life. That’s actually a big advantage for my students because I enjoy teaching and helping others more than grinding. I want to grind and earn some money as well but I don’t mind taking some -EV decisions money wise in order to help my students or to spend a lot of time creating good content.

Saydana: What is the winning of a Jackpot for a poker player as far as it concerns you?

Fetedlabiere: As I mentioned before, winning this Jackpot gave me some more financial freedom and allowed me to buy a house for my wife and our pets. Right now we have 3 cats and 3 rescued dogs from Romania. Other than this, I didn’t buy any special things after winning the Jackpot. I think I am quite lucky that I had most things I needed in life before winning this money.
During the first few days I certainly had the feeling that I was super lucky, but as always in life, this feeling decreases over time and at some point, it kinda feels normal.
So the only big reminder of it is our new house. After all, I didn’t change my personal approach of living because of this. Actually, I even continued grinding an hour after hitting the Jackpot and I still feel the need to make a good amount of money while enjoying what I’m doing.


Saydana: What do you think is the hardest moment in the career of a Spin & Go player? Which was in your case?
Fetedlabiere: This is a really tough question and I feel everyone will answer this differently. I can’t even pinpoint this moment in my career. I think it was constant progress for me which obviously had some ups and downs, but there was never a point in which I was on the ropes and I didn’t know how to progress further. I was always lucky that I had the right help at the right time and I hope that most of our students will be able to say this at some point as well that they always got the help they needed. Let me still try to pinpoint some of the obstacles I faced and how I managed to overcome them:
1) Learning how to play shallow. This mostly comes down to learning charts and understanding some of the changes when shallow, but this was a big factor for me at  the beginning because I never played with less than 50 BB.
2) Learning how to beat recreational players. In my former poker school we had some great learning material that covered this topic. Here at bitB Spins we perfected what we learned back then and created our own video series for our students so they can easily overcome this obstacle.
3) Struggling when moving up to 50’s. While moving up to this stake I had the feeling that I need to be extra careful on this new limit and change how I play, when in fact the most important thing was to keep playing the same game that got me to 50’s. At that point I was lucky and had a great Mentor who I could constantly talk with and who helped me understand how I had to change my approach and not over-adjust to the new stake. And I still have a lot of obstacles that I have to face every day.
Poker is such a complex game that you need to improve every day and as soon as you stop studying and you start thinking that you know everything you will fall behind and you will not find yourself in the top anymore. So, I try to fight the obstacles and honestly, I really enjoy doing this.


Saydana: At the end of this interview what final thoughts do you want to share with our actual and future players?
Fetedlabiere: I enjoy working with every single player and I’m looking forward to having a lot of interesting discussions with all of my students. This is one of the reasons I like to be a coach – because you can easily improve by speaking to other players.


Here, at bitB Spins, we believe that one of the most important things is to be in close contact with our players. So if you also like to engage in interesting discussions with me or with our other coaches, I would encourage you to join us!

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