3 bitB Spins members got promoted to $50’s on the same day!

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We want to start by congratulating all our Spin & Go beasts! 

Our heroes proved to be extremely disciplined and took full advantage of the self-isolation period in order to improve their poker skills, and of course, many of them are now rewarded for their work.

Don’t forget that bitB Spins team is constantly developing new promotions and Spin & Go races not only for motivating our players but for turning them into the most experienced Spin & Go sharks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to make a big announcement:



Let’s say what our mighty heroes have to say regarding this amazing achievement:


capo13335: During the self-isolation period I started to play a little bit more and to dedicate time for studying and my result became significantly better. In my opinion, the quarantine period is the main thing that helped to get promoted to $50’s.



tryanother2: I would say the best thing about this quarantine period is simply the softer playing field. Personally, my poker routine didn’t change too much. I’ve just had a little bit more time, as my University classes are only digital now, so I saved some travel time. It is always a little bit scary, but also exciting to move up to a higher stake. But at the moment I feel good at the 50$ stake and my goal is pretty straightforward: to reach the $100’s.



Dutarr: During this period games were/are still better than before quarantine, so that helped me for sure. I actually started school just before quarantine started and we studied from our homes. Because of that I could do my school stuff quickly and use my remaining time to grind/study. That helped a lot. Now the situation is that I’m doing a super minimum amount of school stuff on the side and being a fulltime player like I was before. Then the thing that I actually think it helped me the most is that in the middle of March I moved to a new city and to a bigger apartment. I don’t know anyone in this city so I have fewer distractions here.

Also, I started to work on my dopamine levels and the sources from where I get my dopamine and so I decided to cut out distractions as social media, videogames, Netflix and junk food. All of these improved my motivation to grind and to work on my poker game harder than ever, and I basically don’t want to do anything else. Now I just have to force myself to take some days off so I don’t burn out and we are doing great!

I have to work on my REG vs REG game and to focus on a couple of positions vs FISH because I am sure I can get better results. My future plans are to reach the $100’s and to improve my multi-tabling at $50’s.


Congratulations, heroes and see you at $100’s!



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