3 reasons why 2021 is the best time to move up in stakes

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A new year, a new beginning.

It may sound a little cliché, but it’s a very good reason to leave behind old bad habits, to rediscover yourself, and to set new goals.

if you are still a little confused and maybe you do not understand what we mean exactly, we will make it as clear as possible, and more than that we will say it very straightforward: 2021 is the BEST time to move up in stakes!

Still wondering why now?

Many players are never sure when it’s the right time to move up in limits. Some do it too soon and end up being disappointed, some move up too fast, but without having any consistency in their work so they find themselves forced to drop back down.

Some wait and wait and wait, letting go of the opportunity to make even more money and become part of the poker elite, when they could be beating a higher limit in less than one month. So when is the right time to move up?

We are here to give you 3 strong reasons why 2021 is the best time to take your game to the next level.

1. Given the current Covid-19 situation we are 100% sure that there is nothing to distract you from becoming a better poker player.

Let’s face it: now with the whole pandemic context, many of the outdoor activities are limited so you have plenty of free time that you can dedicate studying poker. This will convert into a great improvement which will increase your income. At the same time, your cEV will go skyrocketing, and will you get promoted to the next stake. Here at bitB Spins, we offer you plenty of study materials that you can access by being a member of our team. Start taking notes and try to be more aware at the tables. Multi-tabling is not always the best choice. Try to take it step by step, accept your mistakes, because now you have enough time for changing things. Also, we encourage everyone to take part in all the coaching sessions and to prioritize poker at least for a few months. We assure you that good results will not cease to appear.


2. Given the current financial uncertainty, poker is the best option for a consistent steady income.

Working from home is almost crucial during this period that is why being an online poker player is a HUGE advantage that you should be very aware of. This should be more than enough to motivate you to have a good and steady financial income.

If poker is your true big passion, why not taking it to the next level? We offer you all the support and the environment for crushing the highest stakes, for becoming a real poker beast. There is no time to lose. Build yourself a new life while others are still searching for sources of income. Be the best version of yourself by reaching the top!


3. During the lockdown, the poker field became easier due to the fact that many recreational players have more time to spend at the tables.

Confidence plays a huge part in your success.

Now, it’s the best period to grow this self-confidence by taking advantage of the chance to play with tons of fishes ready to play with you only because they get bored at home. The current social context will make you have confidence in your game by bringing new opponents. Many recreational players will have more time to spend at the tables, that is why improving your game is crucial during this time of the year.

The poker field became easier and it’s waiting for you!

Don’t forget though that it’s still the same game of poker that you know and love. Even if the thought of jumping to a higher stake can bring a little bit of insecurity, remember that with the time you will have no problem with the new limit. Take things slowly, and don’t be afraid to move down. The jump in stakes can sometimes be mentally trying.


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