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“bitB started with Pads, a 25 years old guy who was staking 2 guys at small stakes. He was #1 ranked in the MTT’s world and he became friends with €urop€an while talking strategy things.

These guys formed a good and strong friendship and achieved mutual trust so they decided to stake poker players together and to post an advert on 2+2 forum. At the very last second, €urop€an suggested elmerixx to join the team and then bitB was created.

They quickly were joined by Pads’ friend Fedor Holz who helped them bring the company at a professional level and this is how they managed to transform this small poker team into a main stable and a development stable (later rebranded as bitB Academy) and with all the lessons and time spent understanding staking they moved into opening new branches of the family giving funding and consulting for bitB Cash, bitB Spins, bitB Brazil, bitB Asia etc.

Each group puts together their experiences and their knowledge base. The family is bigger than it has ever been and we grew up both in numbers and experience every day.”

-Patrick Leonard-

This is a story about power and success, a story which has behind many hours of work, determination and a lot of knowledge and personal achievements.

Today we have the pleasure to bring in the spotlight the most important thing that should motivate you to let go to your old and rusty stable and to join bitB Spins, the youngest son of a poker company with a renowned reputation: bitB Staking.

Three of the best Spin & Go coaches and top players in the world decided to join us and this is our golden business card. One of them is our head-coach, Wolle83 who gladly decided to share with us his story about joining bitB Spins team. The main reason? For being the best coach in the best place possible.




Wolle83: My bitB Spins story has a simple start. I ended my contract with my former partners and left the project where we worked on together for over 2 years and where I was having great success because I was looking for a new challenge. I had ideas that I wanted to translate into reality and make them available for my students exclusively.

Basically, I wanted to build something according to my vision because I am convinced of the systematic and scientific way I approach teaching poker. In order to do so I wanted to focus on this task and put all my effort into helping players improve as fast as possible which meant I needed competent partners that can deal with what a player needs outside of coaching and strategy related issues.

What is true for me is true for every player as well: you want to be able to focus on your game, your study and your improvement exclusively. If you’re a professional poker player you understand the value of a team being there for all of your needs from A to Z, having trouble with your HUD, Tracker, Hand History, Poker Room, mindset, etc. 






I needed partners with multiple specialized professionals able to take care of each of these areas if I really wanted my students (and myself) to be able to focus on the improvement of their game without any distractions, without wasting time and with the most effective approach I could find. Others just start a project with no partners or professionals to take care of all the things around playing and end up not having the time to coach their players actually.

If there is only one or two of you, how are you taking care of the needs of a group of players? And these partners needed to be trustworthy! I have seen a lot of scams and people cheating on both sides, stakers/coaches as well as players.

People played a lot of games in a short period of time to post fake results they created by cheating and then started their own team out of that scam, advertised by poker forums. Others allowed their players to use illegal software and many players lost the right to play on multiple sites. Even “ghosting” students in higher Jackpot multipliers was a standard thing in some teams that got banned or lost playing rights.

So as you can see, the risk is high on both sides if you aren’t 100% sure about your partners. Many players are young and inexperienced and usually, they will follow blindly the advice of a team, until their accounts are frozen or banned and they can’t earn money from poker anymore. That’s when I started asking around who is actually the best in staking/coaching on the market? Assuming I was with the best team back then in the Spin & Go area, I checked all other fields as well and I did well my research.

I asked many well known poker pros about their opinion on certain teams/projects and what I found was one and the same response regarding one team that already existed for some time: bitB. My housemate is Rainer Kempe who knows Patrick Leonard (one of the founders/heads in bitB) personally and when he confirmed that Pads is a cool guy who has the best in mind for all his players and he also creates the best results in the whole MTT scene already, I knew I found what I was looking for.

Hmm, was the best guy in the Business team going to give me a chance to start a Spin & Go chapter? I had to try because at this point I was convinced there is no competition for bitB and I wouldn’t have wanted to start my project with anyone else. I contacted Patrick Leonard on skype and explained my vision to him, what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to enable others to do exactly what he described in his post on the 2+2 forum, the chance to be a professional poker player with decent earnings.

He was opened to my suggestions and I learned that there was a plan to build a Spin & Go chapter in motion already, bitB partnered up with Propokerbacking. This was a piece of great news because it meant now I had two professional teams with great experience and the staff of two teams taking care of the players I wanted to teach. Part of my vision was to offer the best services available to the players that decide to join our team and therefore bitB was obviously, my only choice.

There was not a single doubt left when I took the plane to meet up with my new partners and make an agreement. We sat down, talked in detail about everything and liked each other immediately.

Our goals and visions are in line and it was clear this is the place to be. I found what I was looking for over months and got even more than I ever wished for. I want our students to say the same thing after joining us and it’s our strong belief that happy players and a happy surrounding create the highest winnings for all of us so we don’t spare any cost or effort to achieve it.

We invite everyone to sit down on one of bitB Spins chairs and we are more than happy to say:





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