Congratulations to snipper8225 for conquering the $30 stake!

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Congratulations to sniper8225 for reaching the $30’s! We are proud of you, hero and we will let your results speak for themselves:

sniper8225: It feels great now that I have reached $30’s!

sniper8225: Basically, this was my first target when I started to play spins because I knew that I could make good money by playing $30 Spin & Go’s and this was a considerable boost for my monthly income. I joined PPB when I was playing HU Sit & Go’s, and this happened around one year ago when I was having a part-time job and was looking for a poker format able to let me play short sessions… Apart from working part-time during the last year, I have played poker full time since 2009 and I played MTT’s, Sit & Go’s and live cash.

sniper8225: My strategy for improving my game was…

sniper8225: To follow the charts, to use bitB Spins tools and the Masterplan. Once you get them memorized you can crush $7’s and $15’s without having any trouble. I attended the coaching sessions and I marked a lot of hands while playing for which the answer can be found in the bitB Spins strategy tools, but if not, I can post it on our Discord channel and get answers quickly from the coaches and from other players too.

sniper8225: I mostly focus on…
sniper8225: Strategy, checking marked hands and reviewing my games in PT$. This is where I often find and fix my mistakes. Regarding my mindset all that I can say is that it is pretty solid. If it is all going wrong I just take a break or stop playing during the entire day. Another great thing about Spin & Go’s is that they only take 10 minutes so if you are not feeling that you are in good shape you can just stop playing
sniper8225: My daily poker routine…
sniper8225:…varies by day of the week. 2 nights per week I go to MMA classes so I play poker during the day,(I tried and failed to play again after classes). During the other days of the week I like to go to the gym in the afternoon and play during the evening. Also, I try to be available when coaching sessions are scheduled so I can take part in all of them.

I’m a long way from the top, but I’m happy with how things are going and enjoying the journey. My next target is the $100 Spin & Go’s, but I know it will take a while to reach them. From what I’ve heard there is a big gap between $30’s and $60’s, but the $60’s and $100’s are pretty much at the same level.


sniper8225: I do have some hobbies!

sniper8225: I love MMA both watching it and training. Now PokerStars and UFC have a partnership and the spin tables have UFC octagon style. I had to change it back to the normal look because it was very distracting for me. I also like to do some boxing and go to the gym, and I watch GAA (Irish football) and some soccer if it is at the pub. 

Good luck during your journey hero and see you at $100’s! 



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