5 advantages of choosing a long-term deal!

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Wolle83: “A coach that has shares of your games for 50k games has much higher incentive to work hard on improving your game compared to a coach that has 20k games of benefiting from his students’ winnings. Many players don’t understand this and just try to get the shortest deal at best % they can find which ends up in a lot of disappointment.

We create crushers because we believe in the long-term value of our cooperation for both parties.”

We all know how important money is and in the poker world, as in life, everybody is chasing the biggest steady income. We play for money, we organize our daily schedule in order to get the biggest value while playing, we try to stay focused on our game in order to get the best EV winnings.

But is this enough?

A real poker pro should establish his priorities before starting a deal. He must talk about percentages, but also about the number of games included in his deal. Many players have the tendency to run away from bigger deals like a 50k games deal, but this is only the proof of their inconsistency and of the fact that they don’t treat poker at a professional level.

Today we give you 5 reasons why longer deals are the proof that you do care about your future as a real poker pro:


1. We offer everything a player might need since our winnings are your winnings.

That is why during our deals we don’t avoid any cost and employ. We go all in for helping our players in any way that we can. Our coaches are ready to answer to your questions 24/7, but such a great commitment must come with an important commitment from your part too. Our poker beasts are ready to share their knowledge with you, but trust can’t be built in two or three months. We have to feel that you are an important part of our team.


2. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

And neither did confidence. We enjoy organizing Live Community events where we talk about our future projects and where we invite all our players to get to know us better. It is more than obvious that being part of our team for only two or three months is not a worth trusting thing, that is why we invite you to become a real member of bitB Spins’ family.


3. Reaching the top is not a short-term achievement.

Let’s face it: every poker player needs time in order to assimilate all the information offered by our coaches. Success is not a thing that can be reached in a day or two. A long-term deal will offer you comfort and a great mental support. You will know that someone is watching your back 24/7, that you have enough time to make mistakes, to learn from them and at the same time to earn a big amount of money.


4. We like to keep our name and prestige clean.

Wolle83: bitB has been around for years and proven they offer the best service to their players while sticking to the rules and regulations and the “added security” of Patrick Leonard being involved, who has no interest in ruining his great name in the poker community over some dollars.”


5. We are more than a money making machine. We are a family.

And like each family, we want to stay together as long as we can. We want to help you improve, to see you grow, to get to know you better and why not to give you the opportunity to join our coaches team. Top players deserve top rewards and bitB Spins know how to reward its true poker beasts.


Stop wasting your time and:





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