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Procrastination is a very common struggle among online poker players, and this is a natural thing that happens because of the fact that you are all alone in this job: you have to play alone in front of your PC, study alone, make scenarios all by yourself. Most of the time you speak with your own mind which usually is multitasking when it comes to poker. The only thing that is hard for it to overcome is procrastination.

Fortunately, there are a number of incredibly useful tools that can help you head a lot of the problems and at the same time, they can help you establish a good and healthy daily routine that will surely improve your poker game.

Today we will give you a number of fantastic, easy-to-use apps in order to help you maximize your focus and achieving a productive workflow. They are not necessarily related to poker, but they will surely help you take care of your body, mind, and soul. Why all of these? Because while being at the tables, your brain is consuming energy, so that is why you have to take care of yourself in each possible way.


App#1: Way of Life 


Way of Life

“Changing habits is hard work. Having the right tool is half the battle. The Way of Life app is that tool – a beautiful, intuitive habit tracker that motivates you to build a better, stronger, and healthier you! Try the app for free!”

One of the reasons why you are struggling to achieve proper life balance might be your habits – for example, lack of proper sleep, poor diet, unhealthy habits. The “Way of life” helps you get rid of the bad from your life, things that you must change and leave behind, and develop good ones instead. You can plot daily/weekly goals and track whether or not you are meeting them. Your progress is visually displayed in form of bar charts with trend lines, scoreboards for instant feedback, and multiple daily reminders.

This way, you can track each aspect of your life and improve it step by step.


App #2: MindNode 


This app will surely be very productive when it comes to poker too. You can analyze your game, take specific notes, and for each idea or aspect that you want to improve you can make a map with all kinds of solutions that you can implement during your game. This will bring some light into your thoughts and will keep everything organized and easy to remind.

Mind mapping is a great productivity technique, and Mindnode is one of the best free mind mapping apps available. It helps you to become more organized by focusing your thoughts – thereby gaining clarity on what needs to be done. This app allows you to customize various visual tags and templates to suit your needs. You can also easily share your documents with other poker players or coaches or just keep them for yourself.


App #3: Forest 


“Stay focused and plant real trees on Earth: Forest team partners with a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future, to plant real trees on Earth. When our users spend virtual coins they earn in Forest on planting real trees, Forest team donates to our partner and creates planting orders.”

Forest is a unique reinvention of time management apps. This unique and fun app helps you stay focused and on track by making you focus on another thing. This is an incredible app to use during your poker breaks and it will surely make you crave a later walk into nature.

The concept is simple: whenever you want to focus, plant a virtual tree. If you stay focused, the tree will grow. If you lose focus, the tree will die. As the app’s name implies, you can grow multiple trees to create a virtual forest!


App #4: Habitica


“Gamify Your Life: Habitica is a free habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.”

We all know that behind each online poker hides a more or less of a gamer soul. This app infuses an element of game-playing and a little bit of nostalgia (1980’s Dungeons and Dragons) in helping you get up and attend to your morning routine.

All in all, in this app, for you to advance to higher levels in your goal-setting game, you need to complete your daily tasks, practice your daily habits, and cross off what you’ve accomplished for the day.

It is time to play while improving your life!


App #5: MealBoard


“MealBoard combines recipe management, meal planning, groceries, and pantry management into a single app. You can manage your recipes, ingredients, food categories, meal types, stores”

Deciding what to eat every day can also be a time-consuming task. However, you must take care of what you eat for a healthy life and body.

This app gives you new recipes that you can try for breakfast, meal, or dinner. More than this, you can dd your own recipes, or import recipes from the web using MealBoard’s built-in web browse.

Don’t skip meals, because this will lead to a lack of energy which will surely be a HUGE turn-off while playing, and more that this will also lead to a defocus state of mind.


All in all, stay healthy and safe, and see you at the tables, beasts!



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