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April Fools’ Day has already passed so no fooling around when it comes to maintaining a strict poker routine!

There is nothing funny about losing money at the tables, so you should use all the resources we offer to improve your game. 

Most of you are probably already aware of the advice our coaches have given you over time, but it doesn’t hurt to take another look at 5 of the most important bitB Spins’ articles that will definitely help you take your poker game to the next level.



1. “How to study poker if you want to win more in 2021″

This article will definitely clarify the principles that guide you when it comes to poker and at the same time will make you all become aware of the fact that you should constantly work on your self-discipline.

For example:

Stay humble, stay hungry!

The most important thing that you must take care of while grinding like crazy is to control your ego. We know how much rage the pandemic situation stirred up so we strongly advise you to become aware of this too and to exercise self-control.


2. “Your Key To Success: Poker homeschooling with our top coach Pierre!”

Our head-coaches are always taking care of guiding your steps during the whole learning process:

bitB Spins: What is the most effective way to learn poker strategy and continuously improve?

Pierre: For me, one of the main qualities of a poker player is to have an open, curious, but also critical mind. And that’s how I get better and better at poker. I learn by talking with others, I learn by playing against decent opponents, but also from observing and analyzing the fancy play lines of recreational players. All in all, you have to be constantly looking for improvement. That’s all the beauty and richness that the complexity of poker has to offer if you deign to take an interest in it.


3. “Increase your winnings by using our HUD while playing!”

This is one of the most important things when it comes to climbing up straight to the top:

A very important aspect that our Head Coach and top Spin & Go player Fetedlabiere wants to highlight is the one that:

Fetedlabiere: Our HUDs are customized for different poker rooms. This way we can be completely sure that we are following the ToC of the poker rooms and that we offer our students the maximum advantage.


4. “What is a $EV deal and how can it be crucial in overcoming your limits?”

For those of you who want to have a more accurate point of view regarding this topic, we encourage you all to take a closer look at this article:

Let’s say a player who finds himself at the $100 Spin & Go stake plays 212 games with 50 cEV/game. So he has 4,5 EV ROI. In this case, the player will be paid exactly for 4,08 % EV ROI which is equal with $4,08/game. Multiple this by 2k games and the base of the chopping will be like $8160.

Also, the player splits all the RB accordingly to his deal. In case of hitting the 10,000x multiplier, the player will split the prize accordingly to his deal. For example, if the player has a 70-30 deal, he will receive 70% of the Jackpot prize. In the contract there is a 0.42% EVROI reduction, that makes it possible that if the player hits the top Jackpot, his chop will be done with regular profit sharing, so he can keep a large amount of that money.


5. “Chapter II: Darkornot opens our STRATEGY golden chest!”

It’s time to talk about really important things in poker and one of these is MONEY.

Darkornot: We definitely work in a way that every player who joins us will improve as a player and will have every key in order to reach his goals, to feel satisfied and to stay in our community forever. To do so, we take care to develop every small tiny area that will have an impact on your results and your well-being as a player. We are working to be “the place every poker player wants to be” when it comes to Spin & Go’s, where the students will be the masterpiece of the stable. If you want to go more into details when you will join us you’ll get access to the full package for crushing the high-stakes.


Our advice? Never give up exceeding your limits!





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