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Do you know what drove us all here, on the road to success?

The same passion, determination, and the most important thing: THE SAME GOALS!

Today we will reveal to you 5 of the greatest goals bitB Spins coaches have in common:


Goal #1: Achieving new heights


Goal #2: Helping students build a solid poker career

As you already know, our coaches’ main goal is to build the strongest poker community and to help all our players achieve top results by sharing with them all their knowledge.

Pierre: bitB Spins continues to grow with many opportunities for our students and that is why there will be plenty of new challenges as a coach to guide their evolution and enable them to reach their goals. We are also following the novelties offered by the poker sites to meet the expectations of our students and allow them to be successful pioneers. This was the case, for example, with flash/nitro spins, where we took the lead as soon as they were introduced. Poker is in perpetual evolution, the opportunities are multiple and we continue to actively respond whenever one is offered to us.

More than this…

Stefan:  I want to grind and earn some money as well but I don’t mind taking some -EV decisions money-wise in order to help my students or to spend a lot of time creating good content. I believe we will become the Spin & Go school most people will be thinking first when they will decide to search for a new school to improve. My personal area of responsibility in bitB Spins team is the simplification of complex strategies.


Goal #3: Self-improving both as a player and a Spin & Go coach

sbala90: The top means for me to learn the full GTO strategy, and I didn’t reach it yet. So in poker, my goal is to learn all the possible strategies for the Spin & Go format. Besides that, I just enjoy the moments of life.

Head coach Stefan is also making from bitB Spins Poker School a stand-alone goal:



Goal #4: Constantly develop in a TOP poker community

Wolle83: Being surrounded by top players but also top coaches in the poker industry are challenging and pushes me to work at a very high level. It’s a bit like a sparring partner in the gym, you push each other and you grow together. To stick to that comparison, if your new gym partner is Arnold Schwarzenegger you will have to “bite” as hard as you can in work to keep up with him and that’s what (in the most positive way) I feel in this new environment.


Goal #5: Keep the passion for poker constantly growing

Pierre:  I’ve always had a passion for poker and I spent a lot of time interacting with other players. In the beginning, I did it privately, on the “hand channel”, as a participant in coaching sessions, as a coordinator of the coaching sessions, and as my level improved, I naturally continued thereafter through my own coachings & videos. I love the grind, but I also love the other facets of poker. I love the squeak, but I also love the other areas of poker. Sharing my experience with other players is for sure one of them.


Is it your goal to become the best Spin & Go player?





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