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Dear beasts,

Even if for the most of us the spring has already begun we have a piece of terrible news directly from the Winterfell castle.


Prepare yourself for a harsh battle! Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our Masterplan, guard our Solution Browser and take care not to miss a coaching session that our mighty knights are preparing for you! This is the only chance to overcome the White Walkers army!

Grind hard, put on your GTO shield on and let the battle begin! Fire and ice are ready to become one and the same thing! Don’t be afraid! bitB Spins beasts will overcome this gloomy and terrifying period.

Hold the door and keep yourself safe at the tables!


*For those who are still in front of their computers ready to face the frightening coming of the White Walkers Army we have a piece of good news:

This news is only a quick reminder of the fact that the last season of GOT TV series has just begun and we invite you to watch it, of course after MANY hours of grinding and studying!

Meanwhile, we will bring to your attention 5 typologies of poker players who are very similar to Game of Thrones characters.

The game is on! Enjoy!

1.Euron Greyjoy


This mighty knight who always aims for the Queen is similar to that kind of player who gets tilted very easy and who always hunts the Jackpot. Ready to sacrifice all his bankroll and many hours of grind for winning the biggest prize, this player will always get only disillusions and sometimes his actions can bring to his death as a poker player.

2. Jon Snow


Jon Snow is that annoying player who always manages to rebuild his stack from only one blind and obviously, he becomes the winner of the Spin & Go! “Lucky” is his middle name and he knows it. Especially when he spams the chat while bragging about his situation. So…can you guess who should die next?


3. Arya Stark


This small and adventurous “needle” is very similar to the chameleonic poker player who is always ready to adapt to his opponent’s tendencies. You have to be prepared for a slow play which can sometimes kill you. This player has “no face” or he can be at the same time “a man of many faces”.

4. Daenerys Targaryen


All you have to know about this kind of player is that you should be afraid of him. Even with a dead dragon (which was Skier) he is ready to reborn from his own dust by joining bitB Spins and starting a new war by using our GTO strategy and a brand new Solution Browser. Ice and fire will never take down a bitB Spins beast!

5. Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion Lannister can easily be compared to that kind of poker player who becomes very analytical, who plays extremely strategical and who almost never tilt. This is what we call a balanced player, a deathly weapon hidden behind the mask of silence.


Which Game of Thrones character are you?



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