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Are you experiencing a strange feeling after many hours of grinding and studying? Many poker players have the tendency of isolating themselves from the rest of the world in order to get huge achievements in a short period of time. This approach can sometimes bring with frustration, loneliness and  a huge lack of self-confidence.

Here at bitB Spins we found the best solution for helping all the poker players to become part of our family. Even if you haven’t joined yet our team of Spin & Go beasts we have a piece of great news for you: bitB Spins has launched a new discord server, we are welcoming everyone to learn and chat about spins and poker in general:  https://discord.gg/6ewgEZY.

The main purpose of this channel is to encourage all poker players to get in touch with each other, to start study groups, to share their poker stories and why not we are eager to find non-related poker experiences as well.

We encourage networking and here is the place where you can get in touch with many of our players and coaches.

More than this, you can ask us anything and you will receive answers to all your questions.


More than this, we are ready to give you 5 reasons why our Public Discord server will help in your poker career:


1. Here you will find our players’ and top coaches’ personal blogs

This is an amazing opportunity to find out the mental setup of a real poker pro. Also, you have the chance to be engaged in a conversation and to get in touch with our coaches which are more than willing to give you details about our offer or strategy advice.

We want to build a strong and fair relationship with our members and you will notice this right away by reading the available blogs where our coaches and players speak about their personal lives, about their problems, holidays, non-poker related activities, daily routine and they take care to spice things up with some funny events, Bali moments, and catchy poker gadgets.

Come and join us in our adventure!



2. Our Spin & Go “Scores” channel will surely improve your motivation

Big numbers, big winnings and top players who are rapidly climbing stakes will stir you up! Now it’s time to overcome your limits and follow our players’ examples.

More than this, on this particular channel you have the chance to get further details directly from our players and coaches about HOW you can get such achievements.

Don’t waste this chance of improving!


3.bitB Spins “AMA” channel

Ask us anything! We are ready to give you answers and solutions to your problems. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 for watching your back. Remember: we invite everyone to join our family and we will take care of keeping you constantly informed.


4.Our “Video Content” channel

This is a gold mine for those who are seeking strategy lessons. And guess what? All of them are free. Our coaches are ready to share with everyone their knowledge because in poker there is no place for playing hide and seek.

We invite you to watch the latest strategy video delivered by our Head Coach and top player, Wolle83:


5. Our “News – Announcements” channel will always keep you updated

Since bitB Spins’ opened its gates many amazing events happened. And we take care of putting this on the wall for a better understanding of the fact that we are more than a poker stable and even more than a poker school. We are a strong community of poker beasts!

Our news channel is the place where you can find our many interesting things about our community events, players’ achievements and many more.

For example, the following news doesn’t need any introduction:

Our top Spin & Go player Sejdeamiota won:1.000.000!!!

Enjoy watching his interview!






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