5 reasons you should consider getting staked to play poker

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Of course, this idea brings with it a lot of insecurities and questions. And it is perfectly normal. The most common questions remain:

Why would any winning player want to reduce his income and share a percentage of his profits with a stranger?

Well, we have a few good reasons which will answer this question, and more than this, we can highlight some strong advantages of joining a poker stable. If you really want to improve your performance as an online poker player we advise you to pay attention to what we will discuss next.


1. Joining a poker stable prevents you from risking your own money

The option of becoming part of a stable brings a lot of advantages: you will better deal with variance and play under less pressure because not risking your own bankroll keeps you more relaxed and self-confident.

Of course, in case of a bad run, you will still have to return the make-up to the stable, but before thinking of the worst scenario you should focus on playing your best game at the tables. This way, you don’t have to worry about returning any kind of money to the stable.


2. You have the possibility to play for higher stakes

If you are a winning player at your current stake, you probably have already started thinking about moving up in stakes. What keeps you from trying this?

Well, sometimes a steady income is not enough for building a bankroll for moving up to the highest stakes. We all have to pay bills, support our families, and spend money on day-to-day activities. Being part of a poker stable gives you the chance to fulfill your dream of reaching the top. You don’t have to worry about bankroll, because we are here to evaluate and appreciate your skill, and more than this, we are ready to take them to the next level.


3. You can get free coaching

And believe us, this a gold mine! You don’t have to pay for coaching hours because being part of a poker stable offers you access to all strategy material to one-to-one coaching sessions and of course, to the group coaching sessions.

This is the best way for learning and studying more and for keeping you motivated.


4. A poker stable offers you the chance to be part of a community

We all know that online poker players can feel lonely sometimes. It is natural and you don’t have to worry about this anymore, because a poker stable is a strong community of people who have the same interest and goals that you have.

That is why here is the best place to find a mentor, a study partner, and why not, a friend. Of course, many stables are organizing community events so you have the chance to get to know each other better in real life too.


5. The “EV DEAL”

Expected value—commonly referred to as EV—is the long-term result of your decisions in a particular poker hand. It is your way to cut through poker’s blend of luck and strategy so you are able to see how profitable your decisions are.

This means that you are getting paid depending on your skill, not for the luck that you can have ( or not ). This is what a poker stable can offer to online players and this is served on a silver plate from the very beginning of the deal.


Take your time and think about everything we discussed above. Remember that the highest limits require a lot of self-discipline and effort and it is very important to find support when you are seeking it.

Are you ready to evolve?





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