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In poker, as in life, small details make the difference. Most of the time we focus on playing our A-game and we forget the most important thing: we have to focus on our small habits in order to create a strong and efficient poker routine. A poker player can be considered a real hunter that is why he must learn how to sharpen his senses. For this to happen, you have to move your focus to yourself and your needs.

Here are a few ways of doing this without neglecting your poker routine:


1. Don’t forget to make pauses once in a while

This is an amazing thing both for your body and for your mind. We suggest you transform these pauses into some meditation moments. This way you will sharpen your focus and you will clear your mind of negative emotions. If meditation is not one of your favorites things you can just stretch out a little bit and take a quick glance at your window. Try to observe as many details as possible: the birds flying in the sky, the trees, some nature sounds, etc.


2. Read your notes

This is a very good habit which will surely improve your game. We recommend trying this before starting your grinding session. This way you will be aware of your mistakes and you will start playing by paying more attention to your game. After finishing your grinding session try to compare yesterday notes with your current notes. It’s the best thing you can do for tracking your progress and identifying your leaks.


3. Make new notes

Like we said before, it is very important to pay a lot of attention to your progress. Making notes will help you to keep your eyes wide open, to concentrate on your game and to observe your tendencies. Learn to repeat, to practice and only by doing this you will be able to see what strategy videos you have to bring back to your attention. Don’t forget: success is made of small and powerful habits!


4. Get up and stretch once in a while

For having a healthy mind you have to keep your body healthy. Don’t forget to make short pauses for exercising a little bit. Learn how to breathe, stretch your muscles, relax your neck and shoulders and you will feel a wave of good energy entering your body. Take a few moments to close your eyes and relax your face. You can also try to massage your face a little bit for better relaxation.


5. Don’t forget to drink water

Water is part of our body that is why we must be aware of the fact that hydration is a crucial thing if we want to keep our brain healthy. Don’t wait to feel thirsty. Just make a short break, fill in a glass of water and drink it all until your next pause. Do this again and your focus will improve while your body will produce more and more energy.


If you are already doing all of these things, congratulations! Keep up the good work and you will get plenty of rewards!



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