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Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ego simply as “the opinion that you have about yourself.” As a result, ego often involves ideas of self-esteem and even self-importance, which at the poker table can turn into a devilish trait that presents itself in many ways. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ego simply as “the opinion that you have about yourself.”

Maybe you are asking yourself why we are talking so often about ego when it comes to poker.

It is very well known that the majority of poker pros can have sometimes a HUGE ego. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be harmful if this affects your poker game. Before starting your session you should leave the ego behind and focus on playing an accurate GTO game.

Today we tell you 5 things that no poker player wants to hear, but they must be heard if you want to progress and to achieve some really amazing results at the poker tables:


1. Never let a winning poker session get to your head

At the same time, never let a losing session get to your heart. The point is that poker is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you achieve amazing results during one session, two sessions, or during a whole month, this doesn’t mean that this is your real poker level.

That is why here, at bitB Spins, we are taking care to carefully analyze our players’ results before encouraging them to move up in stakes. We don’t want to slow anybody’s progress, but it is better to play on a safe field until you will be ready to fight with the biggest sharks.

So our advice for you is to be as realistic as you can and to track your results in a long term, without being blinded by your ego’s manifestation. That is why you have us and our top Spin & Go coaches are ready to guide your steps.


2. Losses are part of this journey

An online Spin & Go player already know this thing, but is our duty to tell you from the very beginning that becoming a poker pro will be a hard way full of ups and downs.

You will win some, but sometimes you will surely lose some.

Don’t be afraid of losing money. That is why we are here and if you are not one of our members we are more than happy to invite you to our team. Downswings will make you feel miserable and your ego will be hurt, extremely damaged, but don’t be afraid of this. Keep on studying, respecting your grinding routine because in the end will be a winner.


3. Poker is not about those big fat winning sessions

It’s about the hundreds and thousands of inevitable losing ones that you have to deal with, at the same time keeping faith and confidence in your strategy. What a real poker pro should do in this situation is very simple: He must maintain consistency and continuously improve his strategy.

You should consider a winning session a wonderful reward for your hard work and at the same time, you should feel strongly motivated to stay on the same road, to have the same good habits, and to focus on each situation during your game.


4. Great poker players prioritize their mood

This is the difference between your success and failure at the tables. How often do you make good decisions when you’re fearful? When you’ve lost and want to get even? Be aware of your mood and understand that you perform your best when you feel at your peak (Calm, relaxed, and happy). If you’re not feeling this way, then getting there is the priority, not playing poker.

Try early morning meditation for a constant good mood all day.


5. Poker is a rough game and there is little room for the undisciplined 

Being an online poker player it’s not an easy thing. Of course, you can earn tons of money, but from the very beginning, we must tell you that this is not an easy thing to achieve.

Successful players know that the freedom poker grants them comes with a price: huge responsibility. Nobody else is going to set your goals, manage your time, and hold you accountable. Being self-disciplined is one of the most important traits of a great poker player. Understand that not putting in the work will make you fall behind!


Don’t forget: we are here to help you!





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