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We should never forget that poker it’s a game of constant learning. To ensure you do not miss out on some precious information, you should get a coach, especially if you aspire to be a professional player. Finding THE BEST coach for your needs is not an easy thing to do, that is why, here at bitB Spins we have top coaches suitable to your stakes, your needs, and your style, coaches who have a lot of expertise in the Spin & Go field.

By joining bitB Spins stable you can complement your poker skills and strategy with an outside force, which increases your chances of winning.


The most important thing is that you should pick a coach who adds value to your strategy. To ensure you make the right pick, here are some useful tips:



Before choosing the right poker stable you should analyze your goals first in order to see exactly what are you looking for. At the same time, you should be aware of your poker level in order to see exactly what kind of knowledge that our top coaches have can fill in the gaps that you have.

Of course, the best thing to do is the follow bitB Spins recommendations and to start building your poker career together with a coach dedicated to the current stake that you are playing. This way you can take the maximum value of information.



Having a good relationship with your poker coach is a crucial thing for better learning. This way, you won’t feel ashamed of asking questions if you don’t understand something and you will feel comfortable asking the same question multiple times if needed.

Communication is the key to all of these.

Try to be as active as you can in your study groups, interact with your coach and with other players, try to help and you will get help. A good poker coach will know how to develop a relationship with his students, will help them build self-confidence, and will be open to accepting their feedback for improving his own skills as a teacher.



A good coach should relate with you on a personal level. They should invest in your success on an individual level. You don’t have to be afraid that will get criticized.

Also, bitB Spins coaches have tons of experience when it comes to helping their students promote to a higher stake. Your success as a Spin & Go player turns into your success as a mentor, that is why you should always keep in mind that a good coach is the one who cares for you and fights for taking you to the next level of the game.



Having mathematical backing to poker concepts is a huge plus when it comes to choose a Spin & Go coach. It proves that the coach’s techniques do not rely on intuition and that he is always up to date with new tendencies.

The HUGE advantage that bitB Spins has is the fact that all our coaches are also active top Spin & Go players, so they can relate to you in a very profitable way. All the statements that they enounce are new and profitable concepts and if you are prepared to understand to apply them to your poker game you will surely become a real poker pro.



We already know that in poker, there are three main coaching methods; database reviews, video reviews, and live sweats. As the name suggests, live sweat involves a real-time game, conducted via platforms like Discord or audio call.

The way of combining these three methods is not an easy thing to do for a poker coach. A top coach should be ready to analyze your game while giving answers to all your questions and at the same time to motivate yourself to keep on learning and fighting for the top.

Sometimes, he has to do all of these in only one coaching session or he can set separate goals. It is all about adjusting to your students’ needs. At the same time, as a student, you must be as present as you can, take notes, ask questions and learn how to receive feedback without getting upset.


Are you still looking for the best coach?

They are all here!





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