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Remaining a mediocre player is an impossible thing here, at bitB Spins.

We are ready to help you when you are crying for help or when we observe that you can’t manage tilt or variance the way you should. 

Being stuck at a stake is a thing that happens to the majority of poker players. The secret is to know how to overcome this tricky situation. Don’t forget that life is always taking care to give you a lot of tips about calling or not calling bluffs.

Today, our head-coach and top Spin & Go player, Fetedlabiere, will give some golden advice about how to destroy the walls when you are felling yourself stuck at a certain stake. 

Fetedlabiere: Don’t hide behind excuses.
The most common problem I see when people get stuck is that they start to blame external factors instead of focusing on what they can improve. You are the only person who is responsible for your actions.
Analyze your situations and start improving your game little by little. And here are some tips that will surely help you overcome this situation:


1) Set yourself session goals for every session you play

Fetedlabiere: Before you start your session go through what you have learned recently and decide on one or two situations you want to focus on in the session which is about to come. I would recommend to take a piece of paper, write down your goals and put it somewhere you can see it while playing. Alternatively, you can also work with reminders attached to your PC.

Make sure that you really focus on these goals during your session. When you will finish playing, take a bit of time to analyze how well you managed to accomplish these goals and try to be honest with yourself.

If you mastered a goal in consecutive sessions you can move on to a different one.


2) Use filters to analyze specific situations

Fetedlabiere: If you know what you want to focus on and improve, it is a good idea to filter for this specific situation and review the hands you played. Sometimes while playing you have a feeling that you recognize all situations you wanted to focus on and play them accordingly to your plan, but make sure that this is really the case.

It is always a good idea that after you feel you have mastered a session goal to analyze the situation once more in hindsight. You can get help how to set up these filters by contacting bitB Spins members or coaches.


3) Rewatch our Masterplan productions

Fetedlabiere: The most chips are won by crushing recreational players and I can say that we created the Masterplan Series only for this purpose.

Make sure that you watch all of these videos once more, stop the videos frequently and follow all the tips. Understanding these videos and playing according to them will drastically improve your cEV.
It is also a great idea to combine this with the two methods mentioned above to really get the maximum advantage out of it and to improve as much as you can.


4) Work with other bitB Spins members

Fetedlabiere: Here, at bitB Spins you have a lot of opportunities to get help from others. You can post your hands on our hand analyzing channels that are actively moderated by me or by other coaches. You can ask some of your fellow students for help and analyze your game with them together.

Find out what they are doing differently than you and most of all, be open minded to each advice they give you. You also have the option to ask one of our coaches for help and to get your game reviewed either during one of our multiple live coachings or during a private coaching.


5) Work on your mindset

Fetedlabiere: Being a poker player means that you constantly have to work on our mindset. If you neglect this it becomes extremely tough to get the results that you really deserve. When being stuck it is easy to slowly get to a point in which our mindset will be the limiting factor. In order to improve you constantly have to play your A-Game in order to remind yourself what you have learned during the last few days and to remember all the things regarding your session goals.

I would strongly recommend starting a mindset journal that you fill daily, most preferably during your Warm up and Cooldown.

Additionally, we offer a lot of great mindset productions as well as private sessions with our Mindset Expert, James.



Until next time, we wish you good luck at the tables!






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