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How to avoid a ban on PokerStars?

Lately, this is one of the most popular questions among Spin & Go players. Everybody sees PokerStars like a giant ready to break between his teeth all poker regs, but this is certainly not the reality.

Our poker beasts should have in mind the fact that they will keep their account safe if they follow some simple rules that this poker client tries to make them clearer and more familiar to all players.

We encourage discipline and we are more than sure that our players are already aware of what they have to do in order not to be banned, but just to be sure we will write for you a quick reminder about what we are allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do while playing on PokerStars:


1. Take care of using charts while playing

Also, you should close all your studying software during playing or while having PokerStars opened. Software like PioSolver and InstaGTO are only made for “offline” studying that is why we encourage you to use the outside your game if you want to avoid being banned. Lately, PokerStars became very careful regarding this topic and we agree with their team. While playing you should only focus on your game. After closing the poker client you have all the freedom in the world to start hardcore studying.


2. You are not allowed to use any kind of VPN software while playing

This also applies for any kind of software that is changing your IP address. We encourage you to contact PokerStars before making such a crucial change. You have all the freedom in the world to change the place from where you are playing, but this should be done in a completely legal way.


3. Beginning with 1st of March 2019 PokerStars will forbid any software which delays the time of player’s action.

This also includes Hand2Note software so basically, you will not be allowed to automatically change HUD while playing.

Similarly, the following scripts would be prohibited:
• Folds a player’s cards if dealt a starting hand in the bottom 10% of starting hands
• Repositions a table if dealt a premium pair
• Raises 9xBB if in position on the pre-flop raiser, 11xBB if out of position, upon a single key
• Bets 70% of the pot if it is a two-toned flop, 50% if it is a rainbow flop, upon a single key
• Raises 3xBB + 1xBB for every limper, upon a single key press


 4. Nobody should use share screen software like Team Viewer or Join Me while playing.

This also applies to the situation when the poker client is opened. Our spin beast should pay attention to any detail that can cause them trouble. So don’t forget: attention is the main way of keeping your account safe!

Also, regarding the HUD we have a few more specifications about what you are NOT allowed to do:

HUDs may not:
• Have statistics which are split based on card values. For example, AGGRESSION FREQUENCY
WHEN 3-BET would also be prohibited.
• Dynamically change which statistics are shown after the cards are dealt. For example,
displaying FOLD TO CBET but only after a flop is seen is prohibited.
• Dynamically change which statistics are shown based on player/opponent tendencies. For
example, displaying FOLD TO CBET but only for players that have high folds to continuation
bets is prohibited.


5. Take a look at these two lists that PokerStars published in order to clarify the situation:

1. These are the following software that you are NOT allowed to use even if your PokerStars client is closed:


2. The software you are allowed to use, but not while the PokerStars client is opened:


Now that you are all safe, we wish you good luck at the tables!



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