sniper8225 took down $3,000! Our beast knows how to make his entrance at the $30 stake!

Home sniper8225 took down $3,000! Our beast knows how to make his entrance at the $30 stake!
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Congratulations to our player sniper8225 for hitting and winning a 100x multiplier at $30 Spin & Go’s! 

This is a start suitable to a real bitB Spins beast. Good, job, hero!


3 way

Our player managed to have an amazing start of the game due to his enthusiasm of just climbing to the $30 stake and of course due to his professional approach of learning and implementing our strategy. During the second hand of the tournament, after opening [Ah Qh], on a [As 5s 2d] board sniper8225 paid a lead pot bet made by his opponent from the BB. On a [Qd] turn, our beast put all his money in the game and he managed to win the pot in front of his opponent jp2605 who showed [Ad 5c].



The heads-up game started for our hero with a victory that gleamed slightly among the chips which were flying on the table. sniper8225 took advantage of his chip leader position and little by little, he started to put pressure on his enemy leaving him with only 10 bigs.

After two All-in situations, both players showed the same cards so the chips still remained in the game waiting for someone to put his hands on them.

The decisive hand was when sniper8225 limped from SB [9s 6c] and on a [9c 5s 2h] board, nooo2011 decided to play check-shove risking his last 8 bigs. He got paid by our beast who was lured by the flavor of victory. nooo2011 hold [9h 2d] but on a [6s] turn and a [3d] river our player managed to get the entire pot and the victory with a [9s 6c] magic hand!


Congratulations, sniper8225!

We are proud of you!


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