Do you know who is bitB Spins’ “mystery man” who just got to the €25 stake?

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 Congratulations to verken909 for reaching the €25 stake!

Our beast chose to keep his presence here wrapped in mystery so all we got from his part is a short letter, a $EV graph and a few photos.

Today invite you to read the poker story of our dear “mystery man”. Enjoy!


Hello everyone!

I am very happy with my results so far because I believe that I am the only Italian guy of bitB Spins who is playing the €25 stake on PokerStars. I have always played poker with friends and relatives, but one day I decided to improve my game and I started to study this game on my own.

I began by reading a lot of books and I played poker for a while for an Italian team where I met some fantastic people like Dark Crisio and Woland who really taught me how to play this game.

After some time, some lack of stimulation and motivation I decided to try MTT’s, but the Spin & Go format attracted me more than anything else so I took the decision to find an International poker school because I knew this was my only chance to compare myself with more poker players of different nationalities and to improve my game.


I entered bitB Spins project about a month ago, after writing just a simple email of application. I met Bajzi who helped me with the documents and even if I was a little bit scared I signed the contract, I made a choice and I can affirm that I will make the same choice again.

I am very active and I prefer to study/learn interactively and for this reason and driven by a video which I saw at the mental coaching session I decided to create a study group inside bitB Spins team. This way I can always be stimulated to improve. For this I have to say thank you to NDX, which was almost forced by me to enter and to let me talk to him or at least to confront him. Little by little, this became part of my routine.

Meanwhile, other guys joined “our little school inside bitB Spins school” and the environment is starting to get more and more challenging.
At the moment I am trying to focus my game on the players that I have at the table and not to fall into the same pattern of actions. Basically, I am trying to adapt to my challenger (a thing which sometimes brings me some disastrous effects).

About my day-to-day life I can say that I like video games, boxing and, as like everyone who loves to travel I am waiting for the bitB Spins end of the year party. Maybe I’ll go there like top regs already did. Here at bitB Spins all the coaches helped me a lot: they were always available and super nice. Maybe I’ll end up under the wings of someone, but anyway I want to say “thank you” to all those who helped me reach this goal (this stake) for their availability and for answering sometimes to my stupid or trivial questions.

A Mystery Man.


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