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Wolle83: We are a young, ambitious and “hungry” community with one common goal: success. Actually, it’s happiness, which comes in the form of success, but not exclusively. To me as coach happiness is based on the success of my students of course, but it also occurs in many different ways that we want to share with our fellow players, coaches and students. Starting with the communication and getting to know interesting, smart and funny people from all walks of life and exchanging experiences with them that are not only poker related.

Here at bitB Spins we don’t like to call ourselves a poker stable because we are much more than this. We are a family, a huge community of poker players who have the same goals, the same feelings regarding this amazing and challenging game.

Maybe you ask yourself what is the main reason you should join us?

This time the answer is not money. It is focused on the human factor that each of us contains and not only once we build our entire career based on it.

Keep in mind the fact that you can not improve in a place where you don’t find support, quality people, real friends, dedicated and experienced coaches. In order to become a Spin & Go beast you have to break the moldy walls that you scratched with anger in your old poker stable and become part of our family.


Little by little you will take care to offer you all the comfort that you need for crushing the highest stakes. We are talking about freedom not only about a $EV deal which is offering you a stable monthly income. Of course we are offering these things too, but our main goal is to make you feel that you belong to a community which is watching your back day and night.

A huge reason for joining us is:




Today, our head-coach Wolle83 is ready to speak from heart to heart about this essential topic that you should include in your poker priorities:


Wolle83: Speaking for my personal experience, I can honestly say that after six years of playing poker, today some of my closest friends are people I didn’t know and would have never met if it wasn’t for poker.

I travelled a lot and received many invitations of players to see the countries they lived thing which broadened my horizon and social circles further. I will try to bring as much as possible of this positive experience into bitB Spins and hopefully, together with the great team we have working in the background we will be able to not only provide the best learning environment but also a chance to broaden your horizon and become part of a strong, multicultural community and where you can find your individual path to “happiness” in cooperation with others.


Wolle83: Benefiting from other’s experience, being able to ask a question to a big group of smart people that want to help you instead of treating you as competition is a major factor.

We are all in contact with each other, we have coachings together, we discuss hands in our group chats, we work together on improving and since there is an exchange of knowledge nobody is exploited or feels like giving away his wisdom.

I like to think that there is always something to learn from every player and not only from coaches or players from highest stakes, maybe a guy from the lower stakes is the best against recreational players or in one specific scenario. The main idea is that in our community we will try to share the knowledge as broad as possible.


Are looking for a real poker community?





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