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More than this, we wish all our members a warm welcome to our team.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, but you don’t have to worry at all if Cupidon didn’t do his job so far. There is plenty of time for romance and rose petals. What it takes for a true poker player to feel fulfilled is his own improvement. That is why we have for all our members a suggestion that will not only drive away loneliness but will also improve your poker skills and financial gain.

What we want to encourage you to do is:




Believe it or not, this can be a crucial factor when it comes to self-improvement and achieving your poker goals. Today we will give you 3 strong reasons why studying with a partner can be more valuable than gold:


1. Increases learning & attention

Many poker players have the tendency to speak with “their minds” almost all of the time. They do it while playing, while analyzing hands and more than this they do it while studying. So much loneliness isn’t good for anyone. A study partner will have different points of view than you. By discussing GTO, debating each point, and arguing your opinions, you’ll be able to look at problems from different perspectives. This can be helpful in critical-thinking, idea generation, and creative problem-solving.

Your study partner will be able to teach you concepts that you don’t understand. Also, explaining concepts to someone else is a great learning method in itself as it allows you to consolidate what you have learned.


2. Builds routine

Self-discipline is a hard thing to achieve when it comes to studying. Being part of a study group or finding a study partner will make you become aware of the fact that someone is depending on you to be at regularly scheduled meetings. This will increase your motivation for studying and curb procrastination.


3. Motivate each other

Having a study partner will give you the opportunity to share with someone your poker goals and to receive help and feedback too. At the same time, your personal goals can motivate him to improve his game. Basically, together you will build a common goal that will lead you both on the path to success.


Still, wondering where to find a study partner?


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