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Our top Spin & Go coaches know a few things about success and as always they are more than willing to share with you their recipe for reaching the top.

It is time to learn from the best!


Ingredient #1: Accept that you need help

This is the experience that one of our Spin & Go coaches had at the beginning of his career as a poker player:

 Wolle83: A few years ago I was that kind of guy who was playing poker with friends and also a little bit of online poker a few times a month. I didn’t study or talk to others about the game, I had no structured way of improving and I didn’t see the need for it. It was just a card game, how complicated could it be? One month, I got lucky in multiple tournaments and silly me, I thought poker could make me rich!

By having a short glance in the past I must confess that I like that simple-minded guy from back then and sometimes I wish I could go back to just clicking a button without worrying too much. As much as it was comfortable, it also wasn’t sustainable and I understood that I had to do something to get a deeper understanding of poker.


Or another strong piece of advice that you should have in mind is from our top coach Stefan:

Stefan: I think it was constant progress for me which obviously had some ups and downs, but there was never a point in which I was on the ropes and I didn’t know how to progress further. I was always lucky that I had the right help at the right time and I hope that most of our students will be able to say this at some point as well that they always got the help they needed.


Ingredient #2: Develop a strong mindset and stick to it

Wolle83: Your mind and body are your tools and with the willingness to work on yourself and the help of a mindset coach you can improve a lot on and off the tables for example while another coach analyses your weak spots and suggest ways to improve and a 3rd one delivers new concepts that were unknown to you yet and push your boundaries. You will find this kind of supporting team around every professional on the highest levels of competition and poker players have started to catch up.

You need to have a strong mindset and constantly broaden your horizons in order to stay at the top or to reach it in the first place.


 Meanwhile, our coach Stefan is sharing with you the power of building a strong poker routine:
Stefan: Poker is such a complex game that you need to improve every day and as soon as you stop studying and you start thinking that you know everything you will fall behind and you will not find yourself at the top anymore. So, I try to fight the obstacles, and honestly, I really enjoy doing this.


Ingredient #3: Live the Spin & Go experience at its fullest by joining bitB Spins stable


Our top coach Pierre is giving you the last and the most important ingredient from our “poker success recipe”. We advise you to understand its real importance and the way this ingredient can change your whole life:

Pierre: That is why we will be able to give you the practical approach that you need for reaching your goals, for dealing with your emotions, and with your consistency. We also have the chance to have the true expertise of Mabohai who is ready to cover any potential needs that a player can have. Being in a big stable with a solid reputation, a stable which follows the rules and just wants the best for every individual player is a good starting point.

 We definitely work in a way that every player who joins us will improve as a player and will have every key in order to reach his goals, to feel satisfied, and to stay in our community forever. To do so, we take care to develop every small tiny area that will have an impact on your results and your well-being as a player.


We are giving you the poker success on a silver plate.

Are you still wondering what to do next?










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