bitB Spins offers you some warm-hearted advice to unfreeze your poker career!

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It is already known that at the beginning of a new year each one of us desires to improve himself, to upgrade his life and why not to make skyrocketing his monthly income.

But do you know which is the biggest wish of a poker pro? The answer is simple: to become even better, to improve even more his poker skills and to take his EV graph up to the sky. For some of the players these remain only wishes, but for a regular who respects himself and his work these wishes can become true if he is willing to make a change in his poker career.

In 2019, bitB Spins is the change that you waited for, so don’t miss the chance to leave your old and rusty stable and join a young and professional poker team!

We know that making a change is not easy that is why we decided to give you a few strong reasons that we are sure that will motivate you to make one step forward towards success.

This time, our series starts with a powerful and very controversial reason:



We are not saying that the other stables weren’t a good start for you. We are just underling the fact that as a poker player it is essential to improve, to take your game to the next level and to climb to the highest stakes as fast as possible.

Those who are able to make you become a real poker pro are the coaches. A good coach is a good friend, a good coach is the one who raises you from the bottom when you fall.

All in all, we want to say to you that NOW it’s the time to make a change. Change your coach, change your life and become one of the poker beasts!

Today we give you 7 strong reasons for doing this and joining bitB’s Spins family:

1. Are you tired of being just a mouse clicker and using a standard play? Well, maybe you should change your stable and your coaches. We don’t deliver to our players old and expired poker strategy. Our coaches are ready to show you an ultimate approach of the game, thing which will surely help you develop a new approach to the game.


2. In 2019 you have to say NO to boring and rusty strategy videos.

You have to quit being a mediocre player who hides under the same mediocre results. Now it’s the time to start printing money! bitB’s Spins coaches will give you all the tools that you need in order to become a poker beast at the highest stakes!


3. Most of the coaches who are working for other stables are usually having a rigid relationship with their students.

Our team is ready to welcome you with opened arms and be sure that our professionals will watch your back 24/7. After all, this is what a good coach should do, isn’t it?


4. Coming back to the fact that a new yeahas just started we want to tell you that bitB’s Spins coaches are open-minded to the latest poker trends.

If it looks strange to you that someone opens 3x from SB vs BB in 3-way and maybe iso NAI 6.25x at HU maybe you should think to the fact that your actual stable is out of the actual poker trends. Get ready to upgrade to the new poker strategy by joining our team!


5. As you already know, not everybody can be a good coach.

The difference between our team and other poker stables is that our coaches have hundreds of hours of experience behind. They managed to help hundreds of students climb the stakes and be sure that they are ready to help you too!


6. Usually, when we are talking about other poker stables their famous coaches are just a name on the wall.

Let’s face it: how many of you managed to get a 1 to 1 coaching session with the biggest names? At bitB Spins we make it different. Our experienced coaches are taking care to stay close to each one of our players. And they do it for real!


7. This is the last reason and we like to call it the cherry on the top of the cake:

Do you want to feel that your coaches are watching your back 24/7 or do you want to let them stay on a sunny beach, drinking a juicy cocktail while you are facing the most feared variance? Let’s be honest! You need your coaches to be active, to answer your questions, to analyze hands whenever you need to. Well, this is another good reason for joining bitB’s Spins family!

And because we like to go beyond words we invite you to watch the first part of an interview with one of the top coaches bitB’s Spins coaches, Wolle83:


Poker became tougher and tougher, we all know this, but we are here to make things easier for you and we are ready to deliver you the latest poker strategy and to wipe with the sponge all your mindset issues! Now it’s the time to make a change, to make yourself noticed in the poker world!

Become one of BitB’s Spins beasts!

In 2019 you have two choices: go home or better: 





If you are not ready to join us, take a quick look first into the life of bitB Spin players!

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