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After all the Covid-19 situation, lockdowns, restrictions, and days with a huge lack of freedom we like to believe that this summer was one of the most “motivational” summers that the bitB Spins team has lived so far.

During the last months, the entire bitB Spins team focused on keeping a good atmosphere, on motivating all our players to study even harder, to help them achieve their poker goals, and of course, we have never forgotten that from time to time all of us need freedom and some moments of relaxation.

We are really proud to see that our players and coaches were always present here and at the tables for helping their students. That is why, even though a hot summer can be very tempting, the majority of our heroes have chosen to take advantage of each day in order to study more for rapidly climbing the stakes.

And so they did! Today we will present a brief bitB Spins summer review. Enjoy!



1. During all three months of summer, it rained with promotions.





2. Once again, we hope you did not miss the amazing interview with our hand-judge “areanu”.

Oh, this crazy red line!

Here is only a small preview of it:

areanu: I joined bitB Spins team willing to be a little bit more than just a player; I have experimented a bit with giving a few sessions on the areas of poker that I excel at, but the role that stuck is the “hand judge”. I feel like I’m good with words, both reading and writing, and I also enjoy sharing the knowledge and being helpful, so it suits me perfectly.

Furthermore, a big part of any job is some sense of “goodness” that we contribute as human beings, and poker is a very ungrateful job in that regard — pros work hard to outplay the hobby players, but it would be a bit much to expect any appreciation from their side 🙂

And so this role covers that need for me, I feel like I’m being appreciated and that I help others walk a similar road and contribute to their progress. It’s a wonderful feeling.


3. Here at bitB Spins we are always discussing all kinds of “cool” topics: #cryptotalks.

For example: 



  • Stakes never change, even with larger investments – When you treat Bitcoin like poker, it doesn’t matter if you bet with $100, or $100,000 your ROI chances are always the same. The level of complexity doesn’t increase just because you put more money on the table. Inversely, if you only want to invest a small amount of money, your potential for winning big is just as great.
  • No reason to play every day – Crypto doesn’t require 24-hour vigilance. When you are playing poker, your attention must always be dialed in 100%. One slip-up could cost you everything. This is not the case with crypto. The markets operate 24 hours a day but after the initial learning curve, you will understand when to hold and when to sell.


4. Also, we enjoyed a super cool interview with our coach “Diginius”.

DIGINIUS: …I always enjoyed a lot the studying part of poker, and being able to share it with others elevates this practice. For creating even better content, I prepare the more I learn, I take more value and I take care to provide all my information to my students. Like this, I manage to get positive feedback from others, and it creates a positive loop which is quite cool.


Don’t miss all the fun and the possibility of earning tons of money while playing online poker.





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