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Poker is a never-ending fight between beasts who are showing their teeth in a huge cage where the struggle is getting tighter and tighter while we are climbing to the highest stakes.

But do you know who are the most feared beasts?

Those who rise from the depths of the sea to destroy all that is weak, those beasts who are not afraid to get dirty with the blood of their opponents.

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to take part in the greatest poker fight of the century hosted by the biggest poker team in the world. bitB Spins is finally unleashing their beasts! Today, from the shadows of the sea a great shark is about to show you who he really is!

He is calling himself “Wolle83”. He is one of the heroes who left deep injuries and many victims behind and now he is one of our head coaches. As always, we are ready to show you that these are not just words so we will let the numbers speak for themselves: our beast made almost $280,000 EV on a total of 84,827 games and he is now a $500 and $1000 Spin & Go crusher.


But let’s find out more from Wolle83 himself:

Saydana: Hello, coach! It is a pleasure for us to have you here among us! We all know that your Spin & Go journey was a long road full of achievements and various experiences before joining bitB’s Spin family, that is why I am eager to find more about who is hiding behind the screenname?

Wolle83: Hello, Saydana! I am really glad to be here, with you. My name is Alex and I am a professional poker player and a coach. I’m most known as “Wolle83” on PokerStars where I am playing Spin and Go’s at the highest stakes. Because I receive a lot of questions about the $500 and $1000 games I’ll give my two cents on them to start with:

I play up to 9 tables if the traffic allows it and I never pick times of the day or avoid certain regulars. The competition is quite tough at this level but, the game still offers a decent room for winnings if you know how to beat them.

Regarding my start as a poker player I want to share with all of you a short story. A few years ago I was that kind of guy who was playing poker with friends and also a little bit of online poker a few times a month. I didn’t study or talk to others about the game, I had no structured way of improving and I didn’t see the need for it. It was just a card game, how complicated could it be? One month, I got lucky in multiple tournaments and silly me, I thought poker could make me rich!

By having a short glance in the past I must confess that I like that simple-minded guy from back then and sometimes I wish I could go back to just clicking a button without worrying too much. As much as it was comfortable, it also wasn’t sustainable and I understood that I had to do something to get a deeper understanding of poker.

I read a book or two related to this subject and I felt like a genius after doing this so as soon as my “bankroll” allowed it, I joined a website where they sold video content for monthly fees and I tried to understand what players did for winning tons of money. I did what most people do, l looked at the best and I tried to become like them.

Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the way of learning: if you watch Arnold Schwarzenegger training, will you do as he does after watching it? While it would be impressive of course, the reality is that he is the best in his domain due to the fact that he has an exceptional work ethic and if you ever want to be where he is you need to go the way he went instead of looking at what he is doing at the peak of his stamina and strength.”

Taking the story to the next level I must tell you that I was lucky to be “discovered” at the tables by another player who wrote to me during the heads-up of some small tournament that we played together. He invited me to exchange Skype IDs and we talked a little bit. I have never before talked about poker with somebody and I was very surprised that a stranger contacted me just because we were both poker players. This was the first “WOW” of my poker career.

That player was the first person I knew that actually worked with something called Pokerstove and Equilab in order to understand the mathematics of poker and he also used a sophisticated HUD. This experience showed me clearly that I will be able to progress much faster with the help of others and by working together. So I decided that I would no longer waste my time watching the high-stakes MTT’s video content, and that was about time to really get into the field of the guys that played and beat the stakes that I was playing at that moment.

Soon, the Spin and Go format was launched and there was a chance to become part of what back then was a small project focused on this new type of Jackpot games, a project guided by some successful players in 25 BB games and HU HT games. This was the perfect mix because I started to play under their wings and I was sure that they were willing to help me improve in order to earn more money. In this small environment I had close access to the top players and coaches and I was able to climb to the highest stakes in only 3 months, coming from never playing any short stack or HU games so I can affirm that I was quite happy with the results of our cooperation.


Saydana: I am really curious about a thing. How did you start your career as a coach?

Wolle83: Well, not long after the experience that I have already shared with you, I became a coach because I saw how much working together was rewarding both sides. My coaches were so happy with my development and I was so proud to make it to the top and create more and more $EV every month while we both made more and more money.

This symbiosis was even more rewarding than keeping the winnings and success to myself and I wanted to create this connection between myself and players and to help them climb to the highest stakes. Almost 3 years later, I am very happy with my decisions and I am happy to find myself in this new and amazing team together with Darkornot and Fetedlabiere (two powerful players and coaches), hungry than ever for the success of my students.


Saydana: You are now one of the bitB’s Spins Beasts. What does this status bring with it? Do you feel more pressure or should I say do you feel more motivated to bite even harder with your sharp shark teeth?

Wolle83: Being surrounded by top players but also top coaches in the poker industry is challenging and pushes me to work at a very high level. It’s a bit like a sparring partner in the gym, you push each other and you grow together. To stick to that comparison, if your new gym partner is Arnold Schwarzenegger you will have to “bite” as hard as you can in work to keep up with him and that’s what (in the most positive way) I feel in this new environment.


Saydana: I am really glad to hear this, coach. Your words raise so much motivation! But even like this, we both know that this is a new beginning for you as a coach and a Spin & Go player. How do you feel about it?

Wolle83: I love the fact that finally I have the chance to be able to put my visions and ideas into practice during this new chapter of my career. I have been coaching players for the past 3 years, but together with bitB Spins we will push the borders of the online poker schools and become something that every member of it can be proud of. This is a little bit like “my baby” now and I want to see it grow and conquer the world!


Saydana: You say that you want to bring something new to the study field. Knowing your past I know that you are a great coach who always took care of his students. Which are your plans now? What do you prepare for the newcomers?

Wolle83: Students will be my focus in the near future, but I will keep playing at the highest level as well in order to stay on top of the game. My plans are strongly developed around our new players from all stakes.

We create content in new ways, I don’t want to give away too much info to our competitors, but I can say that we have talked to professionals when it comes to learning and studying as well as mindset and other things connected to your success in poker directly or indirectly and we take all of this information into consideration when creating our content.”

Very often, you will join a coach or a poker school and they will present knowledge to you in the most simple way they can imagine because they didn’t study how to teach people and what works for humans in terms of individually improving their game. We want to be different and we invested time and money into gaining this knowledge in order to provide the most efficient and structured content to our students.


Saydana: All in all, how do you see the future of this poker project knowing already that bitB team has an amazing poker background and that many players who crossed their threshold are now some big names in poker?

Wolle83: bitB’s results in the past years speak for themselves. The Spin and Go group will make sure to be in line with the usual expectations. Honestly, I joined bitB because this huge team was recommended to me by the best players that I know and I didn’t want to work with anything less. I think of the future of the team as very bright one because in this case we talk about smart and friendly people with a great understanding of poker and of its environment and I can only encourage you to take a look at Patrick Leonard’s blog on 2+2, because I find it really inspiring.


Saydana: Thank you for this interview, coach and see you at the tables!





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