Keep yourself safe and take advantage of our #STAYATHOME promotion!

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We all know that these days humanity is going through a very difficult time and that the COVID-19 situation escalated very quickly. That is why we encourage everyone to appeal to their national consciousness and to be aware of the danger of exposing themselves by not staying at home.

At the same time, we all know how hard this can be for someone how loves freedom more than everything. And poker players are the ones who by definition have the tendency to make freedom one of their priorities.

We advise everyone to keep themselves and their families safe and to #stayathome and we have also found a few ways of taking advantage of this situation. For those who are feeling lonely or a little bit overwhelmed by the entire situation, we have only one thing to say: bitB Spins is welcoming everyone who is seeking financial stability and a strong mentorship program.

Now is the time to join us and to become part of our strong community who will always watch your back! Don’t let variance to demoralize you and choose wisely by keeping yourself 100% safe!




We give you a few reasons why we think games will be way better during this period than before:


  • Lots of people will get bored at home and will try online poker
  • Live players will have to try it as all card rooms are/will be closed
  • People who gambled with sports betting will play poker as there are literally zero events happening 
  • Active players will play more – retired online players may return
  • Your EV should significantly increase therefore it’s your best interest to play as much as possible

If you don’t feel enough motivation to leave your comfort and start grinding hard we are ready to bring some light into this gloomy atmosphere.



Here’s how it works: You don’t compete with others in the stable, the more you play the more % you get from your own winnings. The promotion lasts for 4 weeks: March 20th (00:00) – April 16th (23:59) (CET). (If the promotion turns out to be a great success, we will automatically extend it for the next 4 weeks! It depends on you.)

All sites count.


Spin&Go: (1 normal spin=2.5 Flash)

  • 2% DEALBOOST = 500 games/week (= min. 2000 games for the whole period)
  • 3.5% DEALBOOST = 650 games/week (= min. 2600 games for the whole period)
  • 5% DEALBOOST = 800 games/week (= min. 3200 games for the whole period)


Become a member and enjoy the benefits of bitB Spins’ new ‘#STAYATHOME’ promotion!





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