Chapter I: Isak’s story or “646 days of life and poker adventures”.

Home Chapter I: Isak’s story or “646 days of life and poker adventures”.
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Our players enjoy challenging themselves inside and outside poker. This is proof of motivation and also the proof that poker gives you freedom and access to a life that a few people can live. bitB Spins beasts know how to live life at its full capacity and we are really glad to track their evolution, both professional and personal.

One of our most hardworking Spin & Go players, Isak, is the living proof that life is full of wonderful places, feelings and experiences which are waiting to be discovered. We find his life story an enchanting one and we are more than happy that he decided to share with us a few pages of his personal diary.

Consider this a life-changing story because it is more than a motivational text. Our player is an example of how life should be lived and we hope that his story will give you the thrill of fighting for reaching the top!

Now it is time to enter The First Chapter of Isak’s story. Enjoy!

Isak: We (me and my girlfriend) wanted to widen our horizon and experience different cultures. Long journeys around the world really change you as a person, how you see things and what you truly value in life. We just want to live our lives while we are still young and free.


Central Costa Rica



Isak: My poker journey officially started back in 2014 when I stumbled on some interesting Hyper Turbo satelite games (36 max shootout) and I started to grind those for a couple of months…

I didn´t really know too much about those games, but they were pretty easy to solve, I have basically just learned whom of the players was a regular and I noted down what hands they were jamming from which position and I build my game from that point. I played spins to exchange my $T so that´s how I got familiar to them. During the summer of 2015 I wanted to learn more about those Spin & Go games since I felt like I had been managing them OK so far. I joined a stable where I got solid coaching and the following months I moved up to $30’s on PokerStars. I grinded $30’s for a couple of months and I had a shot to $60’s, but things didn´t really went in my favor so I had to go back to my old stake. The summer of 2016 made me take a look at because I heard that there were some super nice promotions going on and I realized that I was actually allowed to play there.


Isak: Me and my girlfriend decided to move to Costa Rica. We always wanted to try out the tropical life, with nice beaches and wildlife. Costa Rica had a super nice timezone for grinding… 

My grind station from there was probably one of the worst ever. Sitting on a bar chair in a jungle cabin for months. I played there €25-€50 Spin & Go’s with occasional shots at €100’s when the regs up there where asleep.

I have always been pretty active and sociable in the stable chat so I got to know many poker players. One of my coaches was going to visit Thailand after New Year’s Eve and he asked me if I wanted to join. My girlfriend was very interested in visiting South-East Asia so we said to ourselves: what the hell, why not? We went to Thailand, we met up a Russian poker boss and we spent a couple of months with him and his girlfriend. Another poker friend joined us as well and it was just awesome. Today they are still one of my closest friends.

Brainstorming in Thailand with my best poker friends


Isak: In February 2017 I got a bad news, contacted me and told me that they would close boarders regarding players from other countries and I had 7 days to cash out my bankroll…

It was a very sad period really since I’ve just had a really bad run there a week before. There weren’t too many options for me so I had to move back to “.com:” and adapt to the game over there again. I decided to start by grinding $15’s and I also took the decision of focusing on volume ( I worked my way up to 8 tables). It went quite well and I was able to end my contract and play on my own. Unfortunately, I got hit pretty hard by variance and I decided to take a break from poker.  

Following my poker break, I started looking more into Bitcoin. After we arrived home during the summer of 2017 after our 9 months travel I got two jobs and I used the income to invest in Crypto.

During my poker break, I learned everything I could about technical analysis regarding Bitcoin & Altcoins and I was actively trading for 8 months. Also, during my ”poker break” I actually played some poker, mainly soft cash games in my town. I used the money I made there to buy me a ticket for the Icelandic Poker Championship Main Event where I finished in first place and I became $13.5K richer.

Isak: On early January 2018 we did some traveling while I was trading, we spent a few months visiting Dubai, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Phillippines & Thailand…

I traded until March 2018, that´s when I realized that the market was not really gonna turn around anytime soon so I quit doing this. In April 2018 I saw some news that I could actually play on again, but combined with Spanish players, so how good was that?

Of course I decided to give it a go. I won a 100x multiplier at €25, and a 100x multiplier at €50 within two weeks (One of the awesome aspects of Spin & Go’s). After I made 5 figures in a month from my €50 deposit and I cashed out almost all my money  PokerStars banned me. They told me that they suspected that I was cheating,  but they never explained to me what I did wrong and they never gave me the opportunity to make the proof that I didn´t actually cheat…


Stay tuned, the Isak rollercoaster story of life and poker is not over!

Until then, don’t forget to check Isak’s Instagram account for more cool and relaxing photos. 

-End of Chapter I-


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