“Darkobeast” won the €1.000.000 Jackpot on Winamax!

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“There is no lack of opportunities and I always like to take them!” – says our team’s new Winamax Espresso Nitro Jackpot winner Darkobeast. Last weekend he was just grinded like usual when suddenly Fortuna gave him the chance to play for the dream prize. Sure, it is a great opportunity so,

he took down the game and won the Jackpot!

Sounds quite simple yet so difficult. This is one of the biggest prizes that you can play for in a Spin-type game at any site, it’s every player’s dream to get it and it is for sure more than enough to change someone’s life. We asked our champion to share with us some details about his special game:


bitB Spins: Huge congratulations, Darkobeast! We are so happy to have this wonderful occasion to write about you here. Some of our readers probably know that you are one of the top coaches of bitB Spins but for now let us start at the very beginning to get to know you a little bit. How long have you been playing poker and how did you get to know the game? How has your career developed so far?

Darkobeast: Thank you very much! I started playing poker almost 15 years ago when I was studying. A friend introduced me to the game and I quickly became hooked. I played almost exclusively cash games until 2016, then I transitioned to the Spins. I turned pro and a year later was playing 100s. During that time, I met Stefan and Wolle and got to work with them. I completed the grind by taking on the coaching hat afterward. At the end of 2018, I integrated to bitB with my two sidekicks. 😊 It was the summer of 2019 when Nitros were introduced on Winamax, so I quickly started grinding them too and this is the type of game where the Jackpot came in.

bitB Spins: We can say that you are one of those players who are constantly battling at the highest stakes of the Spin world. It is really difficult so you should be always on top of your game to be successful. Also, you are a great coach here in our team which has its own challenges too. How do you keep yourself motivated to bring the best of you to the tables and to the coaching sessions too? How have you developed in the recent period as a player and as a coach?

Darkobeast: I have a simple answer for that. Motivation has never been a problem for me. I just love what I do. I have a real passion for poker since the beginning and that is something that has not changed over time. Sharing experience in bitB is also a big plus in staying on top of the game. We always work hard and aim to improve every day. There are always new things to dig for, to be more competitive and alongside give the best knowledge to all bitB members. I seize every opportunity to learn, the Nitro games are good examples of that mentality. I have been actively testing that new format since its introduction. Another good example of that is the recent introduction of 500s at Winamax. I basically started grinding them from the first day.

bitB Spins: Tell us a bit about that day when the Jackpot game took place. When and how did that happen? What was the first thing coming to your mind when you found out you were playing for the €1.000.000?

Darkobeast: Well, I did my morning session that day. There was not too much traffic when suddenly the Jackpot came in. You do not really think about the Jackpot when you play that much. You know they exist, but you do not really expect them anymore. Then out of nowhere, it hits. You never see a table that colorful, so you know instantly.

bitB Spins: All Spin players dreaming about that moment for sure. Tell us how you felt when you saw that it is really happening to you? Were you stressed? Who were the two opponents and how did the game develop?

Darkobeast: I would not say a was stressed, I got excited. You must make sure that you are lucid and that you can play your absolute A-Game in this situation. The impact of luck is obviously very important here both getting the chance to play for such money and inside the game too. I did my best, crossed my fingers and it was enough! I had very little information about my opponents and I do not want to go into a deeper discussion here about the hands I played. We will make a game review with Stefan soon, so team members will see a little more about the game.

bitB Spins: How did you feel afterward? Were you shocked as you have seen that amount of money in your account? What was the first thing you did after winning?

Darkobeast: After the game… well… I felt pretty good! 😊 It still seems a bit unrealistic. On Winamax, when you want to register for a new game, you can simply use a “+1” button on a currently open table. Then they show your bankroll to let you know the buy-in of the next game. Well… looking at such a big number in that window was really weird and funny. That is also the answer to the next question. After winning it I added new tables and calmly continued my session. This may sound absurd, but it is a great way to refresh yourself by doing easy things you know how to do.

bitB Spins: You are now in the ‘history books of poker’ as a player who won a Jackpot. Not so many can proudly say this. Did you have a little celebration or are you planning to have one? Does this success and the huge money change anything in your life now?

Darkobeast: It is not the easiest time to party, but hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to host an event at home. Would be nice to celebrate not just my success but the opportunity to be together again. Until then at least I have a little more freedom to finish some housework. 😊 I am not planning to make big changes in my life from any perspective. Having financial freedom is really comforting and a greatly desired thing to have, but I still love the game, so I keep on playing and coaching for sure.

bitB Spins: If you have anything more to say, what final thoughts do you want to share with our actual and future players?

Darkobeast: I played over 300,000 Spins before hitting that Jackpot and for that entire time, the last five years, I have been 100% dedicated to poker. It is a huge commitment, especially with a family. Having the chance to play for such a prize, is something you cannot control. The best you can and should do is to be as prepared as possible so that when it is your turn, you can seize this great opportunity. To a certain extent, I feel like the hard work has paid off and it is a truly fantastic feeling. I wish everyone could have an experience like that at some point in their poker career.

Thank you for the interview Darkobeast! Congratulations and we wish you the best for the future!

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