Do you know the secret of making $158,273 at $100 Spin & Go’s? yonggery1 is more than happy to share his achievement with you!

Home Do you know the secret of making $158,273 at $100 Spin & Go’s? yonggery1 is more than happy to share his achievement with you!
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We have awesome players, top players, talented players, some real poker beasts! 

And we are proud of this!

That is why we decided to bring in front of you those players who managed to climb the highest peaks and to anchor with pride bitB Spins flag there.

Once more, we want to congratulate all of them and the first one on the list is our $500 Spin & Go player, yonggery1 who one year ago managed to earn $158,273 on 37,844 games at $100 Spin & Go’s!

Keep up the good work, hero! And fear no one!


yonggery1: I heard from one of my friends , that you can actually make money from playing poker…

This happened during one of our friendly poker games and because I am a competitive person, I wanted to make more money than my friend did. So I decided to deposit $10 in order to get a 100% first deposit bonus, and I actually taught that I would get the $10 instantly. I started to play Sit & Go’s and fortunately, I never went broke. After that, I started to learn more and more about Sit & Go’s, and this format became my main game format for a period of time.

As I moved up in stakes, there was less and less action on turbo Sit & Go’s and the Supernova Elite was doable playing 6 max hypers games so I immediately switched to them and I played them for 2 years in a row. Also, during this time I played some MTT’s as well. After cutting the rakeback, 6max hypers were not an option anymore and at that moment Spin & Go’s become more and more popular, a format which is pretty similar to Sit & Go’s, so I switched to them.

yonggery1: My hardest moment during my career as a poker player was for sure when Black Friday hit…

I was just starting to make some money from playing poker and almost my whole bankroll was stuck on Full Tilt platform so I had to take all my work from the beginning.


yonggery1: What I can say about the player that I am now is that…

I started to study the most common situations, I found some logic why I should do certain things according to GTO, I tried to find some logic behind these actions, I tried to see where the population differs from it and I am always struggling to come up with something new in order to exploit my opponents’ tendencies.

Basically, I mostly focus on strategy and I think that I have a pretty good mindset regarding the poker game. Also, I don’t really have a planned daily routine. I usually study in the afternoon and I play in the evening.

yonggery1: I am only playing the highest limits, I wouldn’t say that I reached the top…

Now that I find myself studying more and more, I always find new things to learn so my main goal right now is to be more confident and accurate in every situation which occurs in front of me while playing.


yonggery1: What I can say about my hobbies is that…

I like to play football during my free time and I do it 3 times a week, also I like to watch this at the TV or to assist to live games as well, but basically, I am watching to every sport which offers me the opportunity to cheer for our fellow Hungarians.

Besides that, I usually spend my weekends resting, just going out with my girlfriend to watch some movies, to have a nice dinner, going out chatting and drinking with my friends. Basically, that’s all. Just some normal regular stuff.


Stay tuned!

Another bitB Spins top player is about to take off his mask!




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