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November is the month when everything goes crazy!

Retailers from all over the world are coming out with the best offers on the market, prices are going down and in all the countries you can find shops which offer various sales for giving to their clients the most attractive deals on the market.

But for the majority of poker players this month means something else.

Let’s take a look in the past and remember what Black Friday actually meant for the poker world: 15 April 2011 or the day everything changed as far as online poker in the United States is concerned. This was when the United States Department of Justice issued an indictment against the three largest online poker rooms in the country: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker. The American poker world was going down and this terrible news affected players all over the world. Basically, online gambling became illegal in the US.

So for poker players from all over the world, Black Friday was the day when the world was split in two!

But no more talking about gloomy things! Here at bitB Spins we are trying to provide hope and determination in our player’s minds so this year we are coming with a skyrocketing offer.

Forget about the crack left behind by the Black Friday’s little deals and take a look at THE real deal!

Because we are a family we are always aware to give to our heroes the motivation they need for overcoming their limits and to help them get amazing achievements.

We try to be the best on the market and make our players happy so we decided to up with an extraordinary news:


We decided to double the referral money that our players usually get by the end of this year and even more than this we give +5% chop for 3 months (for new players) plus access to watch higher category videos!

We are sure that our offer already catches your attention that is why we give you 3 reasons why you should take advantage of this promotion at its maximum:


1. You have the chance to earn good money for bringing even more “jingle” to winter holidays

This means that by bringing new players to bitB Spins family you get the chance to earn even more referral money and at the same time you get the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by friends. This way you can get into study groups with them and to join together our amazing community events.


2. Getting access to higher category videos will boost even more your skills

We are giving you the chance to take a sneak peek at everything bitB Spins has to offer. And we have plenty of things! By getting access to the highest stakes strategy videos you have the opportunity to implement to your current stake a new approach of the game. This means that will learn how to think like a pro and it will surely help you in rapidly climbing the stakes.


3. The benefits of all this extra cash they are not just available for you, but there is also something for your friends in our promotion

You can help many poker players which found themselves at the beginning of the road to become part of our amazing team and to get help from the best coaches in the world. This means that they will be guided, they won’t have to worry about losing money from their pocket while playing and this will surely bring more comfort into their lives. More than this, both of you will have the opportunity to get financially rewarded and the chance of reaching the top!


Meanwhile, we should let the best ones talk about this extraordinary deal that you don’t have to miss:

Darkornot: The promotion has already started and is available until the end of the year, but I would still like to talk about it a little bit more detailed. When it comes to signing new deals, most players focus their attention 100% on the deal. Our head-coach Stefan points out how wrong it can be to focus only on this x % in a recent video and if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s worth to take a look on it:



Since we want to go even further now, the current promotion will allow you to start your new contract with a +5% bonus to the offer for 3 months. We created it mainly because we are convinced that with a good commitment, 3 months are enough to get used to our content, to implement our core strategy in your game and to get promoted to the next stake.

Then, the deep discussion on this subject or this small difference in % no longer matters. In addition, we provide you access to higher video material. This is something that students often ask for and we have decided to open our library to new recruits to show you what to expect in the future. Of course, our content is usually distilled by stakes and you should never “cut any corners” but this way you will be even more inclined to work harder and keep the full access with us. Finally, our community is more active than ever and this is also an area that is significantly underestimated. I will take our Hand channel as an example. It is lead by one of our most promising players Areanu, but the whole team exchanges opinions on this channel.

Your stake, your skills, no longer matters on bitB Spins Discord channel. You can get advice from $100’s players on a spot you’re not sure about yet while you’re playing $3’s. In a word, a gold mine of knowledge and motivation. This is the perfect time to join us, realize your full potential and develop as a professional poker player!


No more about Black Friday! Here at bitB Spins we are not taking money from your wallet! We are giving you free the chance to earn even more money!


Hurry up! Our Winter Time offer is limited!



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