Give yourself a HUGE financial boost with the help of bitB Spins EV deal on Winamax!

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Winter is coming so here at bitB Spins we are preparing a warm and cozy place for all our existent players, but also for the newcomers.

The pandemic situation that we are living in nowadays brought a lot of insecurities in players’ minds and our purpose is to offer you financial stability and the best deals on the market. We are sure that all of you are looking for motivation and for some good reasons to keep you all mentally sharp.

Our team of top coaches is struggling day and night to help you in any way that they can so this time we want to introduce to you the best deal on the market which will surely bring a little sun to this gloomy atmosphere.

Like we have already said, here at bitB Spins, we didn’t want our players to suffer such a high variance on their own. That’s why we decided to offer a way to more steady income and the players not giving up 2% of their winnings for a shot at the Jackpot.
This means that our players can earn more every month on average and can enjoy a more constant income than their opponents. Putting less pressure on them while playing.


bitB Spins is offering a “real EV deal” or “EV insurance” on Winamax!


Let’s find out more about this amazing opportunity and how it actually works.

From the very beginning, you must know that bitB  Spins is offering a “real EV deal” or “EV insurance” on Winamax. This means for you that your results are only influenced by your own performance and you will get paid your fair share of EV at the end of every month.


Why does that matter to the players?

On Winamax the top jackpot repartition is way higher than on other sites. For example, looking at Pokerstars you only have 0.42% of every Buy-In which goes to the highest jackpot.


  • Winamax, on the other hand, has a slightly different structure with 2 very big jackpots (1Kx and 10Kx), because of this 2% of every Buy-In will go to these 2 jackpots (Imagine paying part of your buy-in towards a lottery ticket).
  • Because of the rare occurrence of these Jackpots “EV Pools” or other EV deals will always exclude this 2% from your winnings, which means that your overall ROI will be 2% (!) lower than in reality.
    The same is also true when playing without any EV deal as long as you don’t hit any of these jackpots.


These factors mean that your real hourly will be way lower than you would anticipate, as long as you are not one of the lucky ones who hits a jackpot (4/1.000.000 for the 10kX and 16/1.000.000 for the 1kX).


Here you can see the expected outcome if you play 20k games on the €50’s with 60cev (6.2% ROI) you should earn 61k EV, but your average EV during this period will be only 45k EV because of the high variance on Winamax.

We also wanted to leave the option for the players to win big IF they hit one of the big Jackpots, so we reduced the 2% fee about 1/4 to a 1.5% fee. This way our players can enjoy a more constant income while obviously still having the chance of hitting the top jackpots and getting a big chunk from them.


More than this…

The hypothetical player mentioned above who played 20k games at €50’s with a 60 cEV would have 47k instead of only 42k in his pocket as long as he doesn’t hit the top 2 jackpots, which is quite unlikely after only 20k games.
This means an increase of 12% of his winnings. Looking at the average duration of a contract you are willing to sign, do the math for yourself:

How likely are you to hit one of the big multipliers during that time and how much of your winnings are you willing to bet on hitting that Jackpot? How often is a staker going to be the winner for the duration of your contract?


Let’s make it more accurate…

Looking at it from another angle and comparing deals:
Let’s say our player has a 65% deal with bitB, how high would his deal need to be to have the same amount of money at the end of the month with a 2% Ev reduction?

With 1667 games per month he will earn 1667*50*(6.2%-1.5%)*65% = 2546 EUR.

2546/(1667*50*(6.2%-2%) = Deal %
Deal % = 73%

We can see that a player in bitB is earning the same amount as a player with a 2% reduction and a 73% deal.

And this effect will be even bigger if we assume that a player’s ROI will be lower. With only 3% ROI a player with 65% with bitB would need to find a 98% deal somewhere else.


Here is what our Coach Stefan has to say about this:

“It’s really great to have a team that can offer such an awesome deal. It feels like you are not alone with the variance that you encounter on Winamax. And obviously, it also gives a huge competitive advantage when playing other regs because the minimum cEV I have to achieve to be breakeven is actually lower than theirs.
That’s not only a monetary boost but also gives a big increase in confidence at the tables.”


No more waiting for Santa to bring you gifts, now it’s time to make the best choice of your career as a poker player!

All you have to do is to:





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