“gooby plz” won €400.000 in a jackpot at €50 Nitro Spin & Go’s!

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These autumn days have been some crazy ones here at bitB Spins. Our top player gooby plz hit and won a €400.000 Jackpot while playing €50 Nitros on Winamax. He was just grinding like usual when suddenly he saw the Jackpot in the prize pool while eight more tables were simultaneously opened. The possibility of hitting such a game is 4 in 1.000.000! 23-year-old gooby plz works full-time for becoming a better poker player. Here at bitB Spins he made his way to $100 Spin & Go’s and now he received the biggest reward from his life for his hard work that he consistently did so far.

As we see dreams do come true!

We asked him to share with us some details about this great “Jackpot moment” by asking him some questions:


bitB Spins: Congratulations, hero! We are so glad to meet again. What did you think when you found out you were playing for €400.000? Were you stressed?

gooby plz: My heart started beating crazily in the beginning, but after a couple of hands, I was feeling surprisingly calm. I knew I had a good chance of winning if I’d just stick to my standard game, so didn’t feel that stressed during the game.


bitB Spins: It is a dream of every poker player to hit and win a Jackpot. How did you feel afterward? Were you shocked? What was the first thing you did after winning?

gooby plz: After the game also I was surprisingly chilled, I just stayed there sitting in front of my pc thinking like “Okay, I won it, what now”. Of course, I was very happy but I think I celebrated more my first win on the 1,000x game a couple of months ago, so this time I was more like a psychopath right after the game.


bitB Spins: At any point during the game did you feel like something is not going your way? Were you worried you may not win?

gooby plz: Not really, the game itself went really smoothly. I managed to build my stack steadily after first hands so there wasn’t a threat to drop off even if going all in and losing it. There’s only one spot I would’ve played slightly differently if I could decide now, but it wasn’t really a mistake anyway, just a tiny detail.


bitB Spins: Let’s talk a little bit about the money motivation. Now we are all aware of the fact that you hit and won the Jackpot. Did this thing change something in you as a poker player?
gooby plz: Well, it’s probably too early to jump to strong conclusions, but I’d say no. And even if I am thinking on a larger scale, if it will change me as a poker player, the answer would very likely be the same. Despite the Jackpot, my everyday work will anyway remain the same and my goals related to poker won’t get affected by it.


bitB Spins: What does it mean hitting and winning a Jackpot for a poker player? What was in your case? Both mental and financial development maybe?
gooby plz: Hitting a jackpot on spins and especially winning it is definitely a huge bonus for anyone. In the best-case scenario when hitting it on higher stakes, it can change one’s life for good. However, it’s very subjective what kind of effect a big score has on one’s life. For me, it’s a nice reward for my hard work. This is what I want to believe, haha, but as I mentioned, it won’t change my daily schedule. Of course, this prize gives me more freedom financially, which also helps me mentally on poker.


bitB Spins: Which one do you think is the hardest moment in the career of a Spin & Go player? Which one was in your case?
gooby plz: My best guess would be that it’s related to the variance of spins, as it can sometimes be brutal. I’ve had several tough stretches during my time playing spins, and all of those periods are more or less connected to variance. There’s not too much you can do when facing a reverse side of variance, but you just have to stay focused on the right things as trying to play your A-game while waiting for better times to come.


bitB Spins: Please tell us a few more things about the action that you had at the table during Jackpot. How did you find your opponents? Was it a hard and tense game?


gooby plz: I registered for 12 tables as usual and had approximately 8 tables were running when I hit the Jackpot. I was desperately trying to unregister from other tables and started playing super straightforward on other tables running in order to get the action lower as fast as possible. I don’t remember too much from other tables I had running, but I think I was playing pretty much push or fold game there. On the Jackpot game, both of the opponents were unknown. When playing without having any reads on your opponent, you have to try to find the best approach on how to play against the population. Of course, a Jackpot adds some more nuances to it, and not necessarily in an obvious way. This time, opponents were more on the passive side and waiting for their chances. I didn’t face tough spots and decisions were easy. I managed to play my standard game and luckily it was enough to win the game. On Nitro Spin & Go’s (Winamax’s version of Spin & Go Flash) the average length of the game is very short, so there’s usually no time to build a really tense battle on a single game.


bitB Spins: Are you planning to invest in something this amount or money? Or which are your near-future plans for this financial reward? We are sure you have so many plans in mind.
gooby plz: Actually, I don’t have exact plans yet, but most of it I will probably invest in shares.


bitB Spins: Did you celebrate this amazing victory? If yes, in which way during this pandemic situation?
gooby plz: Yeah, nothing too crazy, but I went for dinner with my partner. I think it would’ve been the same without the pandemic situation as well.


bitB Spins: At the end of this interview, what final thoughts do you want to share with our actual and future players?
gooby plz: I want to wish all the best for our players and hopefully we’ll see some more jackpots in the near future. For the people considering joining a stable, I want to say that bitB Spins team offers fair and valuable deals, and with help of our coaches and active community, you will get everything you need to become a great player.


Good luck to everyone and stay tuned! Winter is coming with many enjoyable surprises here at bitB Spins!




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