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Can you feel the smell of the dried autumn leaves? What does this remind you of?

As far as we are concerned we have only one idea in our heads: winter is coming so we have to prepare for some long grinding sessions in order to print tons of money.

Autumn melancholy is still present in the air, but our team of professionals found a way to guide you to find the best approach for this situation. Our head coaches together with some of our best bitB Spins players are ready to give you a motivational boost only by using the power of example.

We invite you to take a look at 3 ways to grow your motivation before WINTER GRINDING MARATON:



If they managed to achieve such results in a very short time this is the living proof of the fact that you can be one of them or more than this, you can do better than they did if you learn what discipline, routine, and hard work really are.

We admire all our players who have big dreams and try hard in achieving such big goals. We encourage you to do the same and instead of sinking you in the procrastination pool to motivate yourselves to become top Spin & Go players.

Here are only a few examples of how good are our hardworking bitB Spins beasts:




They will be an amazing source of motivation. You will learn how to think like a poker pro, how to prioritize things, how to organize your daily schedule. At the same time, you will also observe that our head coaches are also humans who are enjoying family life and hanging up with their friends without forgetting the fact that poker is a marathon, not a sprint and all that count are the long-time results.

“stefan-work-hard-for-success” BLOG:


 I’m afraid that taking a few days off will actually be a major throwback for my game and my habits as it was in the past. This time I want to prepare myself and make sure that I will come back refreshed and still in good shape. So what are the important points I need to keep care of?
1) my poker performance Taking time off from the tables always means that you will forget some small things that you didn’t fully learn yet. I think the best way of working on these are 2 different things. First, to dedicate 30min a day to grinding at least every second day. I don’t think I need to be playing a lot of tables or even on higher stakes, it’s just to make sure follow the thought process I developed during the past couple of weeks. Additionally, it is a good time to continue the learning process. There is still a lot to learn and memorize and dedicating 30-60min a day to this should be totally fine. This will not only make sure that I will not forget the new things I learned but will actually increase my capability. Investing ~1h a day during holidays seems totally fine for poker and will still make sure that I will get enough rest.


This is a really important thing when it comes to finding your motivation! Our top coaches are here really to help you with a piece of advice no matter the situation you are finding yourselves in.

Try to make a schedule and to participate in all the coaching sessions. Write them down in your poker calendar and turn this into a habit!


bitB Spins wishes you good luck in achieving all your goals and don’t forget to:





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