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‘Tis the season to be jolly!

We all know the Christmas time period is a unique one as far as poker is concerned. December is considered by many poker players to be a life-changing month for their careers. They can make tons of money, crushing the stakes and improving their game only by maintaining a tough grinding schedule. 

While some of the players choose to run away from the players in order to enjoy the Christmas days together with their friends and families, the real poker pros are choosing to take advantage of this huge opportunity of printing money instead of having part of some entertainment. For the majority of the Spin & Go’s pros, Christmas time is a grinding marathon and we encourage everyone to follow their example and to act like some real sharks.

You don’t have to worry about not “celebrating” Christmas the way most people do. Poker is more than a job. It is a lifestyle and you encourage everyone to see the beauty of this way of living.

Oh, by the way! You don’t have to worry as well that Santa will forget you this year. bitB Spins checked Santa’s list and you are all on it!

 1. Christmas is party time in many countries

This means that many people will have a tendency to celebrate this holiday in a very traditional way, family-like. This means that they will stay at home all day long, for a pretty long period of time. Now, with all the pandemic situation, the population will feel the need of experiencing something new, engaging that can bring them instant money.

Most of the fishes have this kind of approach when it comes to poker. They just sit at the tables because they are bored, after 3 days spent with their family, or maybe because they have the belief that God will bring some luck and some money in the house of a good Christian.

It is a good occasion to grind a bit and try to score a nice payday, but there’s also the extra added holiday joy factor of the Christmas atmosphere in the poker room, which is brought there by the thing that you have the feeling that you are not alone anymore. More than this, you can be your own Santa by earning some easy extra money.


2. Weaker players at the poker tables

This is also a well-known thing by the poker pros.

During this time of the year, the cEV of many professional poker players is skyrocketing thanks to the drastically increased amount of weaker players at the tables. Many recreational players are feeling the holiday spirit, in the mood to do a little gambling, and have the tendency to be more generous with themselves because the “holly jolly” atmosphere is in the air. That is why Christmas time can be a good time for you to cash in.

After all, you can listen to carols all year long, can’t you? The celebration is an inner mood that is why it can’t be determined by calendar date.


3. Less competition

Like we have already said before, many poker pros are choosing to stay at home and grind like crazy, but there are still many online regs who decide to go partying after having already completed their monthly or yearly bonus requirements.

Why should you do instead of following their example?

Well, we have a suggestion: be smart enough to anticipate these days all year long and you will end up earning just as much in a few days as much as you can make in a month. Also, don’t forget about the player pool: there will be plenty of recreational players, ready to fill Santa’s bag with a big amount of money destined for you!


Whatever your decision, we wish you a wonderful beginning of the wintertime!



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