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By its own nature poker is challenging, but due to some changes that appeared lately some of the poker players began to lose the faith that they had in this game. Nowadays, some of the poker passionates have the tendency to play video games and to shorten their grinding sessions due to the fact that they don’t feel accomplished or well-rewarded anymore.

So basically, some poker players started to prefer fun instead of improving their game at the tables. This is a phenomenon which little by little started to become very worrying that it why bitB Spins team of professionals tried to find some new ways of bringing poker back in the spotlight.

Our poker pros and coaches are working day and night in order to keep our players motivated and to cover the gaps that this game can have at some point.

So what can we do in order to keep people hooked on poker?



This is a very good thing that PokerStars managed to implement lately. Still, there are many things which can be improved regarding this system of rewards.

For example, at the beginning chests managed to stir up the curiosity of many players, but the thrill of finding money and Freeroll tickets didn’t last for long. Now players have to wait to complete that bar in order to receive another chest which means a possible chance of winning some good money. But in our opinion this system became boring and poker players have the tendency to redirect their attention to more interactive and rewarding things. So if PokerStars wants to keep up with the chests challenge they should definitely find a way of making poker more appealing. A simple progress bar cannot compete with the power that video games and video graphics can have in front of a poker player.


Introducing new game formats

The Power Up game format was a very good idea that PokerStars had in order to compete somehow with Hearthstone. This game format had the potential of attracting more players and fishes on their platform. This means creating a very good playerpool for our poker sharks.

But like we said before, this miracle didn’t last for long. Maybe it’s time to bring poker to Xbox or PS4 too. Poker must be adapted to the nowadays technology. This is not an improvement regarding the regulars, but improvement which can bring more fishes at the tables.

Maybe it can sound strange, but since poker is a dynamic game it has an amazing capacity to be exploited at its maximum. If the poker rooms will learn how to do this our players will earn tons of money since many fishes or recreational players will have the opportunity of having fun.

It’s just about thinking outside the box and adapting this game to population tendencies. After all, life has its own HUD and we have to learn how to play by it.


Poker rooms should give to players the possibility of trying their skills by playing on a small amount of real money.

This would be an amazing improvement beneficial for both regulars and fishes. Giving to a person the chance to get to know this game better and to do it for real is a great thing that poker rooms should implement in their marketing strategy.

Basically, this can be the key to attracting new players and to discover new poker stars. Poker rooms should reconsider their marketing strategy by giving to real people and players real things: like rewards, a good start-up and why not new ways of having fun while playing poker.


What would you do in order to improve the actual poker field?


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