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First of all, welcome! We are delighted that you have decided you want to be a part of our team and take your poker career to a new, even higher level than ever before.


The start

To start working together, we first ask for some information about you. We would like to know what form of games you’ve played, on which sites and, at what limit? In addition, we would like to know what kind of results you have achieved, so please send us a graph of at least 1000 games. It’s important to mention, this is the bare minimum, in some cases, especially for someone playing at a higher stake, we would need a (much) larger sample.

To get a much more complete picture of you, in addition to the above, we ask you to write a few words about yourself in general, as well as your experience with poker so far, what game forms you have played (if you have played different types of games than you are applying for, please describe them) and your results. We also would like to get an idea of you and your work environment, so please attach a photo of both.

If there is anyone who can provide a reference about you, mention her/him in your application.

Once you have sent these to us at, we will reach out to you and set up a meeting on Skype or Discord to discuss the details that would be necessary to work together.


The offer

If based on the  Skype/Discord meeting and the information you provided to us, we decide that you would be a great member of our team, we will make an offer to work together. It is important to know that these offers are completely personalized by the management in all areas (site, game form, limit, quantity) and the criteria for possible further development are laid down in advance in the spirit of full transparency.

Our highest priority is to bring such players into our team with whom we can work excellently together, who can take advice from coaches, accept criticism and incorporate it into their game and who can become a great member of our community. We continuously train our coaches so that they provide individualized help for each person, depending on their personality. We are giving every opportunity for development, but you must also take advantage of the resources to become successful.


What to do if you are not accepted?

You may not be added to our team for the first time. If there is a more serious reason for this (blacklist, damaging a backer/community, botting), the rejection is final. However, if for the time being some aspect of your game was not satisfactory for admittance, you may want to check out the free materials on our site, play a larger amount in your chosen game type and then re-apply!


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Join our public Discord channel and get exclusive contents, videos, and talk with our poker members.

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