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We know that many of our bitB Spins beasts are still enjoying summer: hot days spent at the pool and some crazy nights on the tropical beaches with a glass of champagne on their hands. This can be called a poker player’s midsummer night’s dream. But what should be next? After so much fun is almost obvious that is very hard to come back to the old habits.

After a crazy vacation, many poker players find it hard to return to the long grinding sessions. Most of them are usually dreaming with the eyes wide opened and this thing usually affects their game.
Our team of specialists has a piece of advice that will surely help you to get back in shape at the table. Here are a few suggestions that we have for you:


Don’t force yourself to play many hours

Even if you are used to long grinding sessions, this time we advise you to take a break every time you are tilted. You can try to take a short break, to watch one of the poker videos that our coaches are constantly delivering or if you feel that things are not getting better maybe it is time to stop playing for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, we encourage you to take advantage of all our strategy materials in order to get back in shape. Don’t forget that we are always watching your back.


Improve your focus by reducing the number of tables

This is a piece of very good advice especially for those poker pros who are used to play many tables. Even if you are usually playing only two tables try for a short period of time to play only one. This will help you regain your focus and to make the best decisions. Don’t worry: little by little you will have again your shark tooth full of your opponents’ blood.


Even if you are a top player try to play a smaller stake for a while

Don’t be scared! This thing doesn’t mean that you are not good anymore. But usually after a poker break it is good to put yourself together without loosing too many money. Playing at a smaller stake than you usually do can help you regain your skill and this way you will be more self-confident when you will be back to your older stake.


 You can always ask for help

Our mental coaches are available 24/7 in order to help you overcome procrastination. Don’t forget that we have the best team of coaches on the market ready to fight together with you. Try to watch as many strategy videos as you can, don’t forget to take part in all group sessions and the most important thing is to reestablish your poker routine. If you feel lost during this process don’t forget to contact us and we will help you with anything that we can.


Set up long-term goals


This means that you have to reconsider your options and to set up new goals. Now that the vacation is over you have to make new plans and to keep things very clear. Who are you? Where do you find yourself now and where do you what to find yourself after three months? We know that it’s hard to be objective with yourself, but setting up new goals is the best way of regaining your motivation.


Now that sun is still burning our skin, how did you spend your summer so far?



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