How to turn QUARANTINE period into a money making machine!

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The first week of May almost ended and as you all already feel, it’s beginning to look a lot like summer!

Even if the self-isolation period starts to get a little overwhelming, here at bitB Spins we are trying to get the advantage of every second of this deprivation of liberty in order to get even more freedom. 

Our Spin & Go beasts are climbing stake after stake for building a nice and steady income which will surely make their summer even more fun and exotic! At the same time, our top coaches are taking care of supporting everyone with anything they can: plenty of answers to your questions, many hours of coaching, and of course, the privilege of watching your back 24/7.

Basically, nothing can go wrong. All you have to do is to motivate yourself to overcome this hard period like a hero and to always look to a bright future!

bitB Spins team wishes you an amazing Sunday!

#stayathome, #stayprofitable!

bitB Spins: Hello coach, please tell us a little bit about how do you feel during this hard period of quarantine? I know that poker players are spending more time alone in front of their PC now with all the COVID-19 situation. How are you dealing with this period?

Pierre: I can’t say that the situation has drastically changed for me, I used to be a “houseman”. On the other hand, I have the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and children, which is always pleasant. Finally, even though I was already 100% dedicated to poker in normal times, I have increased my attendance, both towards our students and the time I dedicate to the grind.


bitB Spins: We have also observed that the traffic exploded on the online poker platforms, what is your opinion regarding this phenomenon?

Pierre: It makes sense, people have more time to run around in circles, get bored and look for distractions. Poker is accessible and fulfills this distraction role well. So, the traffic increased a lot and create this great opportunity for anyone who is motivated and wants to achieve something with poker.


bitB Spins: During hard times people manage to get to know more about themselves. Did this cover situation make you discover new things about you or about poker in general?

Pierre: It will differ from person to person, for my part, yes. It puts into perspective what’s really important in life. Everyone may refocus on what they really want, and so this is a good time to take stock, set simple goals, and give oneself the best chance to achieve them. Not necessarily only professionally, but also in terms of well-being, happiness, and the importance of what we really want to achieve in the near future.


Pierre: I think it is a good boost and rooms should capitalize as much as possible on this opportunity. First in the short term by putting the necessary means in place to effectively manage the influx of new players (reactive support, high-performance servers…) and in the medium to long term to keep the attraction, the envy of all theses new players in poker.


bitB Spins: Do you think this is the best period for joining a poker stable? If yes, why do you think this way? 

Pierre: In any case, I think it’s a very good time to give yourself a chance to succeed at poker. – for beginners, a stable will speed up the process and help you to reach an honorable level quickly. – for players who are already regulars and who are hesitant to take the step of poker as a professional activity. Indeed, it is a good trial period with free time stuck at home. A stable can turn the “Gambling” into a “lucrative activity” in a short period of time, and this is certainly a good opportunity for anyone who wants to try the adventure.


Stay tuned! More quarantine news is about to be released!




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