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After all the pandemic phenomenon many people started searching for new ways of making money online.

Of course, this time we will only explore the bright side of this subject and we will tell you that we are glad to hear that people are more aware of self-development, they are constantly trying to overcome their limits and to build a new career based on freedom.

For some of those, online poker is the answer.

Here at bitB Spins we have studied this whole situation and we can strongly affirm that there are many talented and hardworking people who need to be given a chance to start a poker career. Our advice is to start with the most popular, fast, and profitable format: Spin & Go’s.

Like always, we are always paying attention to our players’ needs that is why we find the BEST way to help our bitB Spins poker beasts to increase their income by helping other people. It is called:



All you have to do is to help your friends find a way to make money by sharing your knowledge with them. Of course, you will be rewarded for the help provided by our team. All you have to do is to tell your friends about our team and about the help that we are ready to provide.

After you have done that, be sure to fill in this form and it will instantly arrive at our team of professionals who are taking care of the referral program.


How much can you earn?

In case we take your referred player, you will earn a fixed bonus amount. This amount depends on the stake to which we take the new player. You can see the original amounts in the table below:


What to do next?

Please take into consideration the fact that this bonus is paid to you as soon as the referred player sends at least the amount of money to the backing group as a profit. It’s as simple as it looks.

There’s no limitation of the number of players you can refer to us, the more you do, the happier we are!

We will contact you via email as soon as your referred player reached the required amount and we can transfer the payment, so all you have to do is to focus on becoming the best poker player in the world.


Don’t forget: you can easily repeat the whole process whenever you want!






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