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As we all know, the year 2020 came up with many changes for the Spin & Go format.

PokerStars came along with some new stuff that stirred up confusion among players: different stakes and even a different rake for some of the stakes. That is why bitB Spins team decided to bring some light to this gloomy atmosphere and with the help of our head coaches and top Spin & Go players to try to clarify some important things regarding these changes.

You don’t have to worry about anything. We are always watching your back and today our head coach Wolle83 will surely manage to drive away all your fears and insecurities by touching a very powerful topic: Is the Spin & Go format dead in 2020?


bitB Spins: Are Spin & Go’s still profitable at the present moment? What feelings do you have regarding this topic?

Wolle83: They are. Spin & Go is a relatively young type of poker and while the early “golden ages” (like other “fresh” formats or sites like Asian apps e.g.) are over it still remains a profitable game that attracts many recreational players because it’s fast, fun and you can win many times the buy-in you invested.

It has established as many decent players game of choice and shown to be profitable for everyone who is willing to study.

bitB Spins: How is it like to be a professional poker player now in 2020? Did the online poker ecosystem change in any way during the last years? Which are in your opinion the major changes for the Spin & Go format then and now?

Wolle83: It is still my profession of choice. Of course, the field is getting more competitive and on higher stakes being a professional poker player comes with studying a lot, making use of the tools available to understand what is the best or theoretically correct play (game theory optimal) in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This is also what I consider the biggest impact on poker in the last years, the tools that are available to study with. When I started poker there was a lot of “guessing” involved, sure you had tools and information available that helped you understand what could be a good play and what is a horrible mistake, but in the end it was all based on your assumptions, you had to feed the tools with information.

This time formed a very good understanding of exploitative play, how to target the mistakes our opponents make and what size to choose to maximize the EV/winnings against weaker opposition. BUT it lacked the information available today thanks to solvers and increased computing power that allows those to “solve” poker from the ground up.

Today the very complex solutions and mixed strategies are the main focus for players that want to compete on the highest levels. Discussing them and working closely with other very good players in order to understand how to implement and adapt from “GTO” strategies is the most successful player’s choice and creates a studying environment where guessing is almost obsolete.

Especially at Spin & Go’s we have solutions available on our homepage that I can access in no time and browse through all branches of the game tree for a Spin & Go and HU. I discuss my perception of the mistake others possibly make with players in the team and we find the best possible way to play together in a very short time compared to other study methods.

bitB Spins: What do you think that online poker players need these days in order to beat the highest stakes?

Wolle83: In addition to the above-mentioned tools and studying partners on a high level of expertise you find more and more of the best players behaving like athletes in other disciplines.

Your mind and body are your tools and with the willingness to work on yourself and the help of a mindset coach you can improve a lot on and off the tables for example while another coach analyses your weak spots and suggest ways to improve and a 3rd one delivers new concepts that were unknown to you yet and push your boundaries.

You will find this kind of supporting team around every professional on the highest levels of competition and poker players have started to catch up.

You need to have a strong mindset and constantly broaden your horizons in order to stay at the top or to reach it in the first place.


Wolle83: It is hard to predict anything in poker, but currently I have a rather positive outlook on the game. It creates a lot of rake for the operator, it is attractive to recreational and the traffic is more than consistent. Almost every site has implemented the format by now and moved away from 4-handed alternatives for example.

So it looks like the players want to play this game and it has its position in the poker market today. Like with the introduction of Spin & Go the HU games maybe got fewer recreational players. I also believe the same would happen if someone could come up with a more fun way to win a million within 10 minutes playing poker. Until that day I would assume we don’t have to worry about our beloved game.




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