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We know that you are adventure-lovers so we came back with more stories from Isak’s 646 days traveling story.

We can not let things unwritten because this is our way of showing to everyone that poker is more than a game which offers you a stable monthly income. Poker is an opportunity, a gate which helps you escape from a daily and boring routine.

Like we said before, in poker, the routine is a good thing, but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we should make our own routine and change it according to our needs. 

Isak, one of our Spin & Go beasts is an awesome example regarding this way of treating things.

Make freedom and happiness a part of your daily routine!

Choose poker, choose life and enjoy it at its maximum!

Costa Rica


Chapter II: Into the Wild

Isak: I moved to Party Poker, playing the mid-stakes.($20 and $50 Spin & Go’s). Some hours where way to tough so I adjusted my sleeping schedule accordingly to this.

I began to have a very bad grinding schedule in Iceland so I and girlfriend started to think, wouldn´t it be nice to go one more time to our great South Carribean town in Costa Rica? One thing led to another and a few months later we were gone. We stopped for a night in Amsterdam, a night in Paris and down we went directly to Costa Rica.


In Costa Rica I started to grind pretty hard for almost 6 weeks, but things were really not going my way. I had a very bad run and at the same time, I did not feel confident in my WI-FI connection because there was a massive tree above our house that very often was blocking my backup signal.

Costa Rica experience


My girlfriend had been volunteering at a Rescue Center, working with orphaned or hurt animals (sloths, monkeys, armadillos, etc) and meeting new people while I was inside struggling hard to find a way to improve my game.

I embraced the fact that the best decision for me at that moment was to join her in this rescue program, get to know more people and embrace the fact that I am able to enjoy this traveling experience.

Because I’m a man, my main job at the Rescue Center was to take the older monkeys into the jungle and help them adapt so one day they can be released back into the wild. That was basically my job for the next 8 weeks.

La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica


Isak: Bringing my awesome 12 monkeys to the jungle, helping them to have a great time and keeping them safe. It was truly a unique experience, where I managed to get to know each monkey, to observe the fact that they have a different way of acting in certain situation, etc. This was just so amazing!

Costa Rica is pretty expensive, especially compared to Asia. We really wanted to get back to Asia, get some cheap food, meet our friends and try to build a new routine. We flew to Spain for Christmas, enjoyed it together with my grandparents, then we went to Berlin for spending the New Year’s Eve with my siblings and then off to Thailand.   

Cocles, Limon, Costa Rica


Isak: I arrived to Thailand and then I realized that 10 days before Party Poker  closed off games for Thailand. Since then I have been grinding same stakes on European poker rooms.

When we arrived in Thailand I was in a very bad shape. During our travels and the time that we spent in Costa Rica I had so little time to eat correctly and to train like I used to. I lost a lot of my gym progress during that time. Fortunately, in Thailand it was super easy for us to get into the routine. We had already spent 6 months on exactly the same area, even the same hotel. So we knew where to buy our groceries, have dinner and train.


So yeah, now I´m in Bali for almost 3 weeks. I am here with my poker friend from my old stable that I met in Thailand back in 2017 and it´s just great. We meet every day after around 12 PM for a competitive Ping-Pong session followed with 2-hour gym & pool chill…


Stay tuned! Isak’s story is not over!

More amazing things are about to come!


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    Isak the Great <3 Very impressive Carreer

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