It is time to change your life and join bitB Spins! Our coach Wolle83 offers you countless reasons to do so.

Home It is time to change your life and join bitB Spins! Our coach Wolle83 offers you countless reasons to do so.
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Our poker school will help you take a risk and embrace a new successful life.

We are very proud of the bitB Spins community that is why we want to show you the shortest way to success. We want to introduce to you the things we offer you in order to help you reach the top because they are all preventing you from losing value and at the same time they keep you a step ahead of your opponents.

Today, our Head-Coach Wolle83 will guide you through all the benefits you can enjoy if you join our poker school and at the same time he will let you all take a sneak pick behind bitB Spins’ curtain.

Let’s jump in together inside bitB Spins community and find a few answers to the most common questions that a poker player could have before joining us:


  • Why bitB Spins?
  • What we do better than others?
  • What do you get after joining?

Take a closer look at this video and let Wolle83 guide you through to our services:


What do we have for you?

Now with all the pandemic situation, we live in a time when you need to do what you like in order to feel mentally comfortable and motivated. If poker caught your attention, then you should give it a shot and start learning how to play it properly. bitB SPins poker school is the perfect environment for that.


We are a true family ready to help anyone!

We are happy when you are happy. We don’t want you to feel like you are working in some term job, with a rude boss and hostile work environment. We give our best to answer your questions and help you succeed in Spin & Go’s. We have managed to create a great community with a lot of friendly and motivated players.

Once more, we are making a brief list of everything that we are ready to offer you:


 Don’t miss this chance and take full advantage of all our help by:





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