It’s a bird!…It’s a plane…! It’s bitB Spins Supercoach DIGINIUS!

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Our Nitro Spin & Go player and coach is here for a Flash interview which will surely motivate you to overcome your limits and dare to:


bitB Spins: Hello, coach! It is a pleasure for us to have you here among us. We all know that your Spin & Go journey was a long road full of achievements full of ups and downs, that is why I am eager to find more about who is hiding behind the screenname? How is the player who is hiding behind the coach role and what achievement did you had until now during those years as a Spin & Go player?
DIGINIUS: Easy answer, but I think it is to make poker my job and have a very good income from it. My road was really tough and challenging, so overcoming all the obstacles to do what I dreamt is a huge achievement for me :slight_smile:


DIGINIUS: It definitely motivates me to push even harder and become a better player so I can provide higher value to the team and it feels amazing to see the students improving with my content.


bitB Spins: This is a new beginning for you as a coach and a Spin & Go player. How do you feel about it?
DIGINIUS: Really good, honestly I always enjoyed a lot the studying part of poker, and being able to share it with others elevates this practice. For creating even better content, I prepare the more I learn, I take more value and I take care to provide all my information to my students. Like this, I manage to get positive feedback from others, and it creates a positive loop which is quite cool.


DIGINIUS: Main focus is on properly covering main exploits on most common spots vs the population and show the logic behind it, so you can have a good thought process in-game. Also, I am always happy to provide extra value to the most motivated players and taking them to the next level.


bitB Spins: BitB’s Spins is a project which is bringing with it a deep breath of fresh air for those who are or want to become professional poker players. How do you see the future of this project knowing already that BitB has an amazing poker background and that many players who crossed their threshold are now some big names in poker?


DIGINIUS: I think if you are ready to put in the work, on BitB you have the tools, materials, and environment needed to achieve your poker goals for sure, whichever those are


DIGINIUS: I think changing their view of the game or their thought process in decision making, but also how to elevate their life habits and mindset to bring the best of them at the tables. Also, In my opinion, understanding max exploits and why they are good is the most important, population makes big mistakes in many situations and learning to get the maximum chips out of those spots is crucial for the Spin & Go format.


bitB Spins: Thank you for this interview coach and see you at the tables!


Meanwhile, we invite you once again to:




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