j¢øimbra reached the $100 stake. Congratulations!

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As you already know, our Spin & Go beasts are always occupied with improving their game, that is why most of the time they are hiding in the shadows. For training and preparing a new and powerful attack.

Today, one of our newest $100 Spin & Go players joined us in a quick interview for revealing a few things about his recipe of success.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of our most determined and talented players, j¢øimbra!



bitB Spins: Hello, beast! We are extremely happy to have you here celebrating this amazing promotion to the $100 stake. Can you tell us a few words about you and your background as a poker player? How was the start of your career?
j¢øimbra: Hello hello! Thanks for having me here. I started playing like most of us, grinding micro stakes to learn the game and the dynamics. I used to play 9-max SNG and after a while, I tried the KO format. Then I found out more about the Spin & Go format, and like most of the players do, I started playing them at $1’s.


bitB Spins: Why did you make this choice?
j¢øimbra: I like the flexibility that they offer me, the traffic is very high and at that time I thought it was easy to earn 5 digits/month at 100’s (sweet illusion).


bitB Spins: What do you think is the hardest moment in the career of a poker player? Which one was in your case?
j¢øimbra: It’s probably personal. Some say it is downswings. For me, it was when I started playing $50’s on Party Poker. The beginning was very hard, it was a field full of regs, I didn’t know anyone, and the software is a joke. I was losing EV day after day and I didn’t want to move down. Fortunately, we have the best hand judge on our channel. With some study and mindset control, I was able to fight the regs after a while.


bitB Spins: Which is your strategy for improving your game?
j¢øimbra: This has always been the review of marked hands and videos that I do while playing. It helps me a lot to understand my mistakes and to fix them. Especially on Party Poker, it was very helpful since we had no nicknames in the HH.


bitB Spins: On what do you focus the most? Strategy, mindset, etc?
j¢øimbra: I’m focusing more on my strategy vs weak regs and on how to increase my profit vs fish. My mindset for the game I always considered good and I like my approach vs good/decent regs too.


bitB Spins: What is your daily poker routine?

j¢øimbra: I don’t have a pre-established routine to play. I avoid playing if I’m not feeling well and focused. I also like to keep my desk clean and with a water bottle near me.

Basically, my routine hasn’t changed much, I just started to exercise more and now I have more time for the game.


bitB Spins: What can you tell us about your current goals? Which is the main one right now?
j¢øimbra: To make a profit of at least $100k/year and I think about being a top reg at $100’s.


bitB Spins: What about your hobbies?
j¢øimbra:  I love to play tennis, chess, and table tennis.


bitB Spins: How do you see the Spin & Go playerpoll on Pokerstars during these days?
j¢øimbra: $50 Spin & Go’s are very good! At $100’s I don’t have a decent sample yet, but it is looking a bit hard so far. I believe with more study I can stabilize myself in the field.


bitB Spins: Do you have one last piece of advice for those who are a little bit confused regarding their approach during the self-isolation period? Should they play more, study more, etc?
j¢øimbra: Hmm…keeping the mindset in shape is very important, knowing how to deal with bad moments makes a lot of difference. For those who are not in the team, I’d say to play more and maintain a study routine. Those who are on the team: please tag more hands and ask about them on bitB Spins’ Discord channel. Areanu’s answers are of immeasurable value for sure. I’d say you can be a profitable reg at $25’s just by reading that channel. Overall playing more is always interesting if you have a good strategy. The more you play, the more money you earn. That’s it, now let’s crush! Thanks and do your best!


bitB Spins: Thank you too, beast, and keep on crushing!



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