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The Christmas holiday is a unique time period for the majority of people. Everyone loves a good Christmas song and poker players are no exception

While most of the people “run away” from the tables in order to spend some time with their family, to buy presents and to attend all kinds of festive events, others prefer to stay in front of their computers and to play poker.

So, if you need some extra money in your pocket we advise you to keep grinding hard during Christmas days because this is the period when recreational players have the tendency to spend time playing poker, as an entertaining activity. For our bitB Spins’ sharks  this is a huge opportunity for increasing their volume, for sharping their tooth and to sink dip into the player pool fool of fishes.

One more good reason to stay at home and grind during Christmas is obviously the HUGE possibility of catching Santa while he goes down through your chimney.

This year the old man dressed in red paid us a visit, here at bitB Spins, and we took care to put in his bag some presents for our most hardworking players.

After all, Christmas is about making people happy, rewarding them for their work and since we are a big happy family we decided to put under your Christmas tree some goodies.

We are not Grinch so we don’t want to destroy Christmas’ magic, but we will let you take a sneak peek to this unique gift that we prepared for you:



The race will take place between December 26th (00:00 CET) – January 25th (23:59 CET)

We are giving you all this information in advance so you can memorize the date and prepare for it mentally. This way Santa will have time to put you on his top-secret Nice List!


Poker rooms and game formats that will be part of the promotion:

  • Pokerstars: Spin & Go, Spin & Go – Flash

  • Winamax: Expresso, Nitro

Unfortunately other sites will not take part in this Holiday race as EV numbers are not available there.


Terms of participation:

  • +EV within the given timeframe.

  • PokerStars Spin & Go’s: 2,200 games played within the given timeframe. (keep in mind that you will be able to play higher volume due to the new 2 minute blind levels on 2x multipliers.)

  • Spin & Go’s Flash: 4,000 games played within the given timeframe.

  • Winamax Expresso: 2,000 games played within the given timeframe.

  • Winamax Nitro: 4,000 games played within the given timeframe.


Final Score

 Determining your score will be quite easy. You will get a PT4 report and will have to upload your results to a google form. We will check the amount of EV Buy-Ins won, based on the chipEV (this number will not include top Jackpot reduction). Winamax results will be adjusted by 30% rakeback.



Reaching the following volume will have an extra multiplier to your final score.

  • PS Spin: 2750 games (1.1x) ; 3300 games (1.2x)
  • PS Flash: 5000 games (1.1x) ; 6000 games (1.2x)
  • Winamax Expresso: 2500 games (1.1x) ; 3000 games (1.2x)
  • Winamax Nitro: 5000 games (1.1x) ; 6000 games (1.2x)



There will be two divisions.

First Division: $(€) 5$ – $(€) 25

  1. 700 $

  2. 400 $

  3. 250 $

  4. 175 $

  5. 125 $

  6. 100 $

  7. 75 $

  8. 75 $

  9. 50 $

  10. 50 $

Second division: $(€) 50 – $(€) 100

  1. 1000 $

  2. 600 $

  3. 450 $

  4. 300 $

  5. 200 $

  6. 100 $

  7. 50 $


This is our biggest Spin & Go promotion so far which will also take place at a time when the field is the best by far.

How does 10-20% extra profit + rewards on a promotion sound?


SANTA’s NOTE: “Don’t worry, bitB Spins team will write another message about technical details (PT4 stats, google form, etc.) a few days before the start of the race.”


Save the date and prepare for launch!


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