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We are totally aware of the fact that most of the Spin & Go players are looking for maximum support and experience when it comes to choosing a poker stable. Here at bitB Spins we consider ourselves more than a stable, we are a big family and we are really proud to have among about the top Spin & Go coaches in the world.

They faced a long poker journey before joining us, a journey full of poker experiences that made them stronger, which taught them discipline and made them stronger than ever.

We are really proud to be able to offer you 6 world-class Spin & Go coaches and the unique chance to get under their wings.

Let’s find out more about each one of them and the superpowers they have. Enjoy!



Head Spin & Go coach

Wolle83: We create content in new ways, I don’t want to give away too much info to our competitors, but I can say that we have talked to professionals when it comes to learning and studying as well as mindset and other things connected to your success in poker directly or indirectly and we take all of this information into consideration when creating our content.

Very often, you will join a coach or a poker school and they will present knowledge to you in the most simple way they can imagine because they didn’t study how to teach people and what works for humans in terms of individually improving their game. We want to be different and we invested time and money into gaining this knowledge in order to provide the most efficient and structured content to our students.



Sbala: I am not really motivated by earning money, I am motivated by exploring. I felt that I had to change some things in my poker routine so I decided to try the Spin & Go format. With this change, it was the first time I was calculating EV’s for different lines, for example comparing EV for Checkback, Iso and Isoshove with different cards, etc.

I like to learn well. For me, quality is over quantity. I know I could earn more by analyzing less and playing more, but as I said, I enjoy exploring. I think there are many different things one can do wrong in learning poker. Not focusing on the right thing, not following the logic of the GTO, not understanding how to exploit it well, forgetting strategies, having unstructured strategies, not having the optimal environment, etc. You can do many things wrong with learning. I think I am able to learn well because I realize bad processes and I pay attention to avoiding bad habits in learning.



Spin & Go coach

Stefan: With no knowledge about shallow games, I struggled a little bit at the very beginning, but I was able to get the hang of it quickly and by the end of the year I was already playing €100 Spin & Go’s on Winamax. When they introduced €250’s at the beginning of 2018 I quickly established myself as a regular at these limits and I’m grinding there like crazy since then. I really enjoy constantly improving my game with the help of tools such as PioSolver or CREV and one of my main goals right now is to stay on the top and improve the game of my students as much as possible!



Spin & Go coach
Pierre: Joining bitB Spins was for me a really big change and I did for the best of my poker career. Having the opportunity and the freedom to really create the exact content that can bring any dedicated student to the top is really the best thing you can expect as a coach. Doing this thing together with Stefan and Wolle83 is for sure the best possible way to go for it. I think the combos of our strengths can truly create something huge. Additionally, the bitB Spins team is so awesome, we are really on the same page.
Working in this context, I truly feel that it’s just a matter of time for bitB Spins to become one of the major places to be if you want to become a crusher of the Spin & Go format. Finally, as a player, being in contact with so many Spin & Go beasts is what you want for sure.
So yes, I am proud of being a part of this huge Spin & Go project. Actually, it is really something enjoyable.



Melchiadees: In 2018 I decided to rebuild my knowledge about exploitative strategies because now we have many tools to play with finally so what was once the advanced math guys playground now it’s open for everyone. Since then I’m obsessed to find a max EV play versus recreationals because I believe that there are a lot more chips that can be won if we crush them properly. Currently, I am playing any kind of Heads-up SNG up to 200 but due to the low traffic on higher stakes my main field now is 50-100 with avg ROI of 4,5% and versus recreationals its above 6,5%. In 2020 I think it is crucial to not just have a decent strategy versus regulars but we also have to maximize our EV.



Spin & Go coach

Yongerry1: I’ve been playing 6max hypers for 3 years when Spin&Go was introduced. That was the time when I did try it and when I saw how big potential it has. I immediately switched. That year was more of a quantity grind for me my main goal was achieving SNE since I could gear a great rakeback from that. The breakthrough was 2019 for me. I managed to get 5% EV ROI at 100$ spins. Nowadays I play mostly $500 and $1000 games with about 3% winrate. I believe that if you give enough time and effort to learn & improve, spins are still the best format to climb up the limits quickly and get a decent living from it. I always wanted to be the best whatever I started, this is my main motivation.




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