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Will it be easy or hard?

This is the most common question that a beginner poker player has in his mind. We don’t have the right answer to this question, but we can assure you that year 2021 is still a good time to start playing poker.

Our super Spin & Go coach Diginius will take care of guiding your steps through the whole process. All you have to do is to find some courage to start this journey. Enjoy!



Diginius: At the very beginning, I would look out for everything regarding how professional poker works, bankroll management, and simple strategy vs recreational players. I would surf the Internet and try to find everything that is out there for free and start playing the lowest buy-in games. With a bit of your money, anyone can try 5-10 euro games.
Of course, the introduction of Nitros/Flashes had a big impact and they are the newest games which means they open new opportunities for newcomers as the format is less solved than normal Spin & Go’s, so I see margin to make money faster out of them although you can for sure do it at normal spins as well.



Diginius: As a beginner, you should join a  poker stable because in the current competitive environment you need help from a group of professionals in order to be able to compete at mid/high stakes. There is so much new stuff to study and so many new programs and solvers to discover that just getting things done by others will save you infinite amounts of time so you can just focus on the important things, which are studying and playing.
My personal advice is this one: when you have moved a few limits up and you want to make poker your main source of income, joining a good stable would be the best to move faster. For example, here at bitB Spins, you have coaches that can solve all your questions quickly and help you 24/7.




Diginius: From the very beginning, this should be a very individual thing. My personal advice is to fix some healthy life habits so you can do it in a proper way. In my opinion, as a beginner poker player, you should just ask a lot of questions to experienced players and incorporate what you learn into your life/game, and if you keep this as a constant habit, being active, asking questions, learning, and upgrading your life it’s only a matter of time to have success in poker.

Never give up and follow your dreams. If you feel this is a hard road, don’t give up. Just ask for help, try to reach self-discipline, and to have a constant process of learning.


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