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We know that all our players are working hard in order to improve their performance, but at the same time, we are sure that many of you are preparing for an incendiary summer full of hot adventures, beach parties, and having fun with your best friends.

That is why we have an amazing idea to help you keep all your memories in one place to which you will return with pleasure to add new ones day by day, month by month, year by year. At the same time, this approach will help you make new friends by sharing a part of your experiences with poker players from all over the world.

Dear bitB Spins beast, this magical place is called “Blogs” section which you can easily find on our public discord channel. Basically, this is more like a personal journal where you can share any kind of personal experiences and of course, the best place where you can find feedback, answers to your questions, and why not, it is a place where you can make some new great friends!

Today we want to invite everyone to share their actual and future summer experiences with us by:




To give you a little motivation and inspiration, below we will post some excerpts from the blogs of our members who are already extremely active in the community and of which we can proudly say that their life is an open book. However, there are still many blank pages to fill and amazing experiences that will be lived and shared with all our members.

Come and join our summer adventure!


“proxxy-life-in bali”

Hey again, It’s proxxi. First of all, thank you for your patience, I had very busy weeks. So, where did we lay off? Oh yeah, at Transito 😀 After my last post a Hungarian group came to Bali (around 10 people) and the first night we invited them to meet Gusti, the celeb. Results: infinite amount of joss-shots consumed and bad hangover for the guys – and many pictures like this:

The girls played some 5$ spins on Party, we tried to manifest the million and already spent in theory half of it at Finns VIP, but sadly we lost 5$ on that night 🙁 We spent most of the nights together with them, the guys from the group enjoyed Gusti’s company 6 out of 7 days.
Last weekend we went to Gili’s for two days, which is a very cool nearby island. Technically it is a village filled with a lot of digital nomads/travelers. Hostels and bars everywhere and beautiful colors on the shore:

Sorry guys for delay with answering but I am struggling with strong food poisoning since Monday 🙁 Alchemik we will continue with photography in 2020. Now is dead season for us. +1 to what Kolos siad about cos of living in Phuket. We are renting apartment 30minutes from moste popular area and beaches but we pay 500$ per month, but in this price we have 2 rooms +gym+pool at the roof <3

Few pics from Bangkok, I ate a scorpion and cricket 🙂


After some time (will navigate depending on results and how comfortable I am with my game) I’m planning to trade 1 hour of study for the grind, leaving me studying 2,5h/day, which is probably more than anyone is really doing anyway if I will really manage to maintain it in the long run. I have never really lived with a routine before, so it will either turn out great or be a huge failure. What’s the most important, I don’t wanna be doing anything against myself, if I will feel like having a structured day takes the joy out of my life I will just abandon it and look for some other ways to manage my time – putting all things aside, enjoying your life is the most +ev thing possible. Now, let’s zoom into the grind section and what needs to be improved first:

Take into consideration that these are only a few excerpts from out bitB Spins members’ blogs.


Like we said before, many blank pages are ready to be written by you. Join us and let us know you better. After all, bitB Spins is a big and happy family!



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