Our player PigsOnTheWing hit and won €10,000!

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Congratulations to our player PigsOnTheWing for hitting and winning €10,000 at €50 Spin & Go!



It was just one of the regular playing sessions when the 200x multiplier made its appearance on our player’s monitor. Suddenly, his eyes became bigger and the flow of adrenaline started to fill his body. It wasn’t a dream: the fight was about to start!

After many small pots won, our hero found himself in the chip-leader position and more than this the perfect spot appeared sooner than he thought. His opponent, espo9191 shoved A8o putting into play his last 10 bigs from BU position. PigsOnTheWing decided to pay his enemy’s bet from BB, holding in his hands AQo. The cards which were about to come didn’t change in any way the situation, so our hero went directly to HU with a 4:1 chip advantage.



The situation seemed to get complicated after a few hands played, when PigsOnTheWing enemy, ignax1995 managed to double-up in a standard spot 8 bigs with pocket Aces vs A3o. A few minutes later, the whole scenario changed when ignax1995 limped from SB and on a [8c 5h 6d] board he chose to make a pot-bet and he got instantly paid by our beast with [9h 6s]. A Queen on the turn made ignax1995 bet 1/3 pot and again, our hero decided to pay his enemy with the hope of turning things in his favor on the river. With a [7h] on the river our player hit the so much wanted straight and he decided to double bet almost ½ pot. PigsOnTheWing got paid by his enemy who was holding two pairs with a [Qd 7d] in his hands.


On the next hand, our fearless knight decided to go All-in from SB with QTo and he was paid by his opponent who had at that moment only 4 bigs. It seemed that ignax1995’ A8o wasn’t good enough to bring him the victory because a ten on the turn was enough for turning PigsOnTheWing into the happy winner of €10,000!


Congratulations, hero!



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